Games I’ve been playing – June 2021

This has been another one of those weird months. The first half was a blur, almost a distant memory that I can barely remember anything of.

The second half however felt like it dragged out and I couldn’t focus on anything, no matter how interesting or necessary it was.

The end result is I didn’t play as many video-games as I hoped for. With any luck the month of July will be better but I am expecting my inability to focus to continue a little longer.

Anyway, here is what I have been up to, gaming-wise!

XCom 2

A XCom operative placing a bomb to blow up an alien facility.
I love blowing up those alien facilities! It never gets old!

This game is part of the blur of the first half of the month. I almost forgot I even played it during June even though it took most of my free time then.

And by that I don’t mean my turn in the Blogger Succession Game. What I mean, is a personal campaign that I played for my own amusement from the start to the end.

Since playing the game without any DLCs/Expansion wasn’t an option for me and enabling/disabling them via Steam was too much of a pain I decided to try an experiment. I played my personal campaign on Linux, which has a different executable, and play the Succession Game on Windows.

My hope was that by doing this I wouldn’t have to enable/disable anything and keep both installs as completely separate entities. It worked like a charm and I was able to scratch my itch for XCom 2 with full DLCs/expansion and then do my turn at the Blogger Succession Game with just the base game!

With that my itch has been scratched and I don’t feel the need to play more XCom 2 for now.

Skyrim Special Edition

The dragon priest mask display from the Legacy of the Dragonborn mod.

One of the masks isn't positioned correctly.
For those interested in Legacy of the Dragonborn, that bugged mask display is *probably* fixed in the latest version. I am running an older version for reasons.

After finishing XCom 2 my intention was to finally finish some games that I stopped very near the end so I could finally move on.

In the case of Skyrim Special Edition it wasn’t so much about finishing the game, as I did it already back in “Oldrim”, so much as finish getting those stupid achievements. Unfortunately it wasn’t meant to be. I did finish the Dragonborn expansion and got a couple more achievements but I wasn’t able to get all of them.

There are only four achievements left for me to get. The most annoying one will be to kill a Legendary dragon. I thought I had done that already or at least had the required level for them to start spawning. But no, turns out they only spawn at level 78. My character right now is level 76.

To make it worse I already did all the major content in the game that interested me so getting those next two levels will be a bit of a chore. Right now my plan is to keep trying to fill the museum from the Legacy of the Dragonborn mod and that hopefully will get some levels in that way.

The other one is to ride 5 dragons and by my accounting I only need two more dragon rides to get it. Then it is the one to get a bounty of 1000 gold in every hold in Skyrim which I am saving for last and to escape from jail. That last one I will probably need to start a new save with a minimal set of mods because every time I try to get arrested my game crashes.

One new thing I did in this playthrough was to finally get all the dragon priest masks from the base game. I never did it before and the result was… not as interesting as I hoped for. Still it is nice to have the complete collection, I guess.

Another new to me thing I am trying to accomplish is to do the master spell quests for each school of magic. So far I’ve only done Alteration and Destruction. Still need to level up my other magic skills to get their respective quests. I don’t remember anything about the Alteration quest but the Destruction one was kind of interesting even if it made me travel around the entire map.

Hopefully the next time I mention this game it will be to declare that I got all the achievements because it is honestly overdue!

Fate Grand Order

A mini Nobu diagram
I don’t know how much I believe in the accuracy of this diagram.

This month saw the release of Lost Belt 4, Yugakshetra. It wasn’t too hard until near the end. Those last three fights were rough, and I only won two of them by a mixture of tactics and pure luck. While the next to last one I tried several times to beat but no matter what I tried the enemy would defeat me when I was close to winning. Eventually I had to use my Command Spells to beat it.

Despite that I loved it, story-wise. So much that it made me interested in the Mahabharata, which I believe is one of India’s biggest epic stories.

Servant-wise, it is one of the few additions to the game where I found all the new servants to be interesting for a reason or another. Still no idea how Arjuna Alter plays as a servant though. But as an enemy he was brutal, which made sense given the story.

Then on the later half of month we got Gudaguda Final Honnoji. Like all the Gudaguda events before it, this event was completely bonkers. It was pretty fun though and none of the fights were really all that difficult. Except for the optional Challenge Quest but that was only because I lacked the servants/craft essences to trivialize it. Even then, it wasn’t that bad.

Considering how some of the latest events/content have been it was nice to have something easy for a change. Even the grind to purchase stuff in the event shop wasn’t so bad.

This is also another one where I liked all the new servants added for a reason or another. As for Kagetora, the welfare servant, she seems to be a pretty decent lancer.

The next events should be the anniversary for FGO-NA and then after that the rerun of Summer 2020. I am not looking forward to the later as the first time I participated on the event it was an horrible grind. I can only imagine it will be worse now with less time to do it. But I will worry about that when it releases. For now I will keep enjoying the last couple days of Gudaguda!

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