Games I’ve been playing – June 2022

It is very rare for me to be able to focus in one big game for a month or longer. Usually ADD kicks in somewhere along the way and I end up playing something else. Only to return to the game years later, when I already forgot everything about it!

This can be rather annoying as it obviously makes it hard to continue. Restarting from the start also feels demotivating as I might just go through the same problem again. So when I have one of these moments when I focus on just one game from start to finish it is a bliss!

Anyways, this is what I have been up to, game-wise.

Persona 4 Golden

The three protagonists looking at what looks like somebody in a weird, costume that looks like a clown outfit but the top is like a round furry, blue creature with big eyes. Chie, the girl from the group, says "What is this thing? A monkey? A bear...?"
Not even the protagonists know what Teddie is!

After finally finishing my second playthrough of Persona 5, I decided to play its predecessor.

At first it was a bit hard to get used to the different camera controls and game mechanics. But once I got over that hurdle it was smooth sailing!

I already watched the anime adaptation of the game a long time ago so I had a pretty good idea of how the story was going to unfold. But seeing it in the actual game, without any cuts and a lot more details has been a joy. Specially the Social Link stories which for obvious reasons couldn’t be adapted to the anime.

Right now I believe I am in the last dungeon… Or perhaps next to the last. I am pretty sure I am near the end of the game at least. And to be honest, I am glad too. As much as I love playing Persona 4 Golden, the ADD is threatening to kick in as I am already craving for something different. I have no idea yet what kind of different but hopefully it will be something a lot shorter.

Fate Grand Order

A fox-girl with fake cat paws and cat foot, wearing a collar with a bell is talking to a dark skinned man with cropped white hair dual wielding guns. The fox-girl is called Tamamo Cat (don't think too much about it) and she says "Ooh, you're so hard-boiled, Edgemiya. You just gained some Cat Bond Points!"
The nickname “Edgemiya” is the best thing that came out of this event!

Oh, boy. Another month where Fate Grand Order felt packed with events. Let me see if I can remember everything…

Alright, the re-run of the Summer 2021 event finished. Just like I hoped I got a lot of a much needed QP from it. Right now I am trying to save it in case I can get Altria (Caster) in the upcoming anniversary gacha. *crosses fingers*

After that there was the Hunt event. Normally it would be a good event to grind and get some ascension materials but for some reason this time the mobs just felt like they had more HP and defense than usual. The end result is that they were a pain to grind so I decided not to do it. Plus I got a good stock of most of the materials they would drop anyway.

Lastly we got the Main Interlude: Abyssal Cyber Paradise, S.E.R.A.PH, which is kinda like a simplified, third re-run of the C.C.C. event.

I’ve been looking for this one for a while because when the original event ran I was still a newbie and couldn’t participate. When the re-run happened my progression was stalled early on because of a bug. To throw more salt at the wound, the welfare servant for this event was B.B. one of the current three servants of the Moon Cancer class.

Given all this bad luck, part of me feared that another bug would happen and I’d have to give up on B.B. forever. Fortunately everything worked just fine, I got my own B.B. and got to enjoy the story too.

My only nitpick with this one is that the Ultra Hard Challenge node was stupidly hard, even for this kind of content. Seriously, I usually manage to find a way to beat those even if I have to use my Command Seals to continue the fight but this one I found impossible to do with my current roster.

Since these Main Interludes can be unlocked again with Rare Prisms (as long as you have unfinished quests or not done it before) I might do just that in the future and give it another go just for the heck of it. But for now I will just focus on whatever content is available.

Honorable Mention: Final Fantasy XIV (Make it Rain event), Dead by Daylight

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