Games I’ve been playing – March 2020

This is one of those months where all my best plans went down the drain for several reasons. The first one being that I just found myself irritated and and tired for no apparent reason since the last week of February. This is something that happens to me from time to time and fortunately it seems to be gone for now.

The other reasons were the games that pretty much took all my free time this month and what little energy I had. I did try to play some other ones but every time I thought about it I just didn’t find myself with the energy, the interest or the time for it. So only four games really occupied my time during this month.

Hopefully April will be better since as my emotions and energy levels aren’t nearly as bad now.

Final Fantasy XIV

Returning characters FTW!

Much to my regret I didn’t achieve much in Final Fantasy XIV this month. The only thing of note I accomplished was doing the Little Ladies Day in the beginning of the month. Besides that I did make a very brief attempt at returning to this game near the end of March. My plan was to tackle the 5.1 story which I barely started only to find out I don’t have the Item Level for the first dungeon… Then to add insult to to the injury I found out that doing dungeons with Trusts don’t give tomestones.

Now I am trying to think of what I can do to get upgrade my gear without spending a ton of money I don’t have. Meanwhile I will see if I can at least do the Easter event this week.

Another thing of note is that I am considering ending my subscription with Final Fantasy XIV. Not because I am not interested in the game as much as the problem being the brutal dollar exchange rate right now. With the initial COVID-19 panic the dollar price just skyrocketed here and it doesn’t seem to be going down any time soon. I am still thinking carefully about it as there is a lot of things I still want to do and see in Final Fantasy XIV.


Turns out the Galatic Council is full of jerks. What a surprise! /sarcasm

My first game of Stellaris with the new Federations DLC was successfully finished! To answer some of my questions of my first impressions post about the DLC: the galactic community indeed pretty much dismissed the proposal to deal with the end-game threat. I guess all those extra-dimensional aliens taking over their systems and killing their citizens must have been fake news or something. :p

The Juggernaut ship though is pretty cool and made combat far away from my borders a lot easier as I could just use it to fix my ships and reinforce my fleets. I was also able to turn one of my neighbors who I had good relations with into my vassal and thus they entered into my Federation. That came at a big cost to Cohesion though but since I was near the end of the game I didn’t care about it.

The Mega Shipyard was something I couldn’t really give a test though as I built it fairly late in the game and by then I had dealt with the end-game crisis already. None of my neighbors offered any threat to me and the only Fallen Empire who awoke didn’t do anything.

I did get a robot uprising but by then it was like 2 years or so from the game’s end which didn’t even give time for even a single battle against them. :p

Overall I really enjoyed what Federations brought for the game but for now Stellaris will go back to the virtual “shelf”.

Fate Grand Order

Mysterious Heroine X in a nutshell

This month saw the release of the Saber Wars Re-run event. Since it was the return of one of the earliest events in the game I thought it was going to be easy to complete and to find people in my Friends List with the bonus characters and craft essences. Oh, I was so naive!

To begin with the only characters that gave bonus to the event were anyone of the Saber class and Mysterious Heroine X… which okay, makes a lot of thematic sense. But the problem was the nodes had a lot more mixed classes than usual which made it build teams that exploited class weaknesses. One of them even had an archer in the third node and another had Mysterious Heroine X which can do bonus damage to sabers…

To make it even worse the enemies had a lot more HP than I expected. Also the Craft Essences from the event shop and point ladder only gave bonus to damage, no increase to starting NP or NP gain. The result of all this fights that took a lot of turns if you want to maximize your bonuses for the point ladder.

Somehow I was able to finish the point ladder and buy everything, minus the monuments, from the event shop. What makes me sad is this isn’t even the worst event in the game. We’ll soon have the Journey to the West Re-Run which from what I heard is grind hell. My only consolation is that event will come with a Rate-up banner for Waver and Xuanzang, both servants that I’d like to have.

March also saw the beginning of Part 2 of the story, Lostbelt Nยบ 1, with the release of the Anastasia Chapter. I was curious about how some of the new servants would be portrayed as they had some interesting choices for them. So far they I like what I have seem, with Atalante Alter and Anastasia looking to be really interesting characters. Even Avicebron who was another one who suffered with a terrible portrayal in Fate Apocrypha is interesting!

I also like that they are following on the footsteps of Salem and make it a lot more story heavy. Again, this makes all fights feel more meaningful and gives time to flesh out all the characters in the story, both the allies and the enemies. The only drawback is that there are so many cutscenes to go through that I end up finishing my game sessions much later than usual. But it is a small price to pay for good storytelling. ๐Ÿ™‚

Fate/Stay Night

Saber has some surprisingly cute sides.

This is a game I keep forgetting to mention but I started playing it a while ago. It is one I’ve been wanting to play since I first saw the first anime adaptation and finally started on it.

What I like of it so far is that it gives a lot more depth and nuance to Emiya, through his inner monologues that obviously couldn’t be adapted to the anime. It also shows all the dilemmas that his ideals end up bringing due to the brutal nature of the Holy Grail War, making him a lot more interesting as a main character.

The other characters also feel more fleshed out, including Archer which I thought wouldn’t get much screen time until the second route. There is also a neat feature where the stats, skils, Noble Phantasms and history of each servant is shown as we discover more about them.

It is also interesting that depending on which choices you have there are some bad ends which are stupidly brutal in their violence. They don’t show it but the descriptions are really graphical. Those bad choices however unlock an optional, humorous, section called “Tiger Dojo” which gives tips of what you did wrong.

I am going through this game very slowly and I haven’t even finished the first route yet. Right now I am at the point where they are forced to fight Berserker and finish him once and for all.

My goal for this game is to finish at least the first route this month. Although if I am to be honest what I’d really want to would be to start on the third route as it would be mostly new territory for me and it would answer a bunch of questions I have.

Animal Crossing: New Horizons

I added one to my house and named him Steve

Starting Animal Crossing: New Horizons with an island in the Southern Hemisphere has been both a blessing and a curse to me. A blessing because I get fishes and insects a few months earlier than my friends in the Northern Hemisphere and vice-versa. A bane because my list of the insects and fishes that were leaving this month was much bigger than the ones from the North Hemisphere.

It didn’t help that I bought and started the game a few days later than everyone else so I had a lot of catching up to do. Somehow I caught almost all of them. I am fine waiting some months for them to come back to my island or appearing in one of my friend’s island though.

My first days were also a mad marathon of visiting Mystery Islands as I wanted to get all the iron nuggets to build the Nook’s Cranny as soon as possible. Then a bit more to build the furniture required for the new residents.

Now that those are all out of the way I have considerably slowed down and will try to take things at my own leisure…. at least until the next “Must have!” project comes. XD

One interesting note: I haven’t seem the tarantula island yet nor any appeared on my island. Which makes me wonder if depends on something to trigger it. The closest homicidal insect I’ve seem that isn’t a wasp was a scorpion during one evening. I made the mistake of trying to catch it like any other insect and it just knocked me out. Since then I haven’t seem it again.

Honorable Mentions: Azur Lane, Animal Crossing: New Leaf

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