Games I’ve been playing – March and April 2019

Keneli as a Scholar smirking while writing in his bookI avoided making one of these posts last month since I feared I wouldn’t be writing anything for the rest of the month and I didn’t one this blog to turn into just a one post a month about whatever games I am playing.

This month however I am more confident I will be writing about more than that. Plus I haven’t written in too long and I’d like to rectify that. :p

Anyhoo, this is what has been keeping me busy, gamewise, in the last couple of months.

Final Fantasy XIV

After much procrastination I finally went and did the dungeon “The Burn”. It wasn’t as bad as I feared except for the last boss which sucked as much as I imagined it would be. Still, I was able to complete it in one run (despite a few wipes at said last boss) and after that it didn’t take long to get caught up in the game’s story. Now I am really excited about Shadowbringer and to see how it will develop. ๐Ÿ™‚

I still have a ton of stuff to do before the expansion hits though. The most important for me being catching up on crafting and gathering. That one probably won’t be possible at the rate I am going but I’d like to be at least level capped before then. I also need to decide what Job I want to use to do the main content of the next expansion too but that is a post in itself for another time.

I also did the Final Fantasy XV collab event. The story was brief but nice and I like the Regalia. My only nitpicks are the last fight which had a part that I just think wasn’t well thought out to the point which killed me instantly. It took me three tries to beat it and it seems that others have similar experiences.

Keneli getting a ride in the backseat of the Regalia
Keneli got a ride with the rest of the Lalafell crew. It was a pretty crazy ride.

The other nitpick was that the event required characters to be level 50 and have completed the Main Story Questline. That meant I had to catch up on my other two alts as they were below the requirements. Fortunately I was able to do so relatively fast and they all have their Regalias now.

Speaking of alts, I dusted off my alt on the Euro side, Keneli Ralaneli, due to a streamer friend deciding to make an alt there just for streaming purposes. I took the free transfer from the all the new Data Center addition and servers rearrangement and moved him to Phoenix to play with her.

I also bought a Story Jump Potion with him since due to some circumstances his level was way above where he was supposed to be at the Main Story Questline and it was on a sale too. I just didn’t buy a Level Jump Potion too because even with the sale it would be too expensive for me and I couldn’t decide which Job to do with it anyway, so I just leveled him the traditional way and he is currently at level 50.

Fate Grander Order

I finally got into and completed the Sixth Singularity. That one was pure hell because not only the normal enemies were hard but the bosses had some annoying gimmicky that made them stupidly hard.

On the upside this forced me to think a lot more about my strategies for a fight beyond the usual class triangle: which skills a characters is bringing, how and when to use said skills, what mystic codes would be better for a fight, what are the effects of a character’s noble phantasm and so on. I feel like I became a slightly better player after that going through that gauntlet.

The other half of my time though was spent through two events that happened one after the other. They were grinding events to get some materials for ascension/skill level up. I wans’t able to get everything I wanted but I got enough to make my life easier in the short term.

I also got an welfare servant from each event that have been additions to my roster of characters. I even got Emiya Shirou as a spooky while trying to get Okita. I haven’t leveled him much though as there are other archers who have been higher priority and my AP was pretty much tied up to doing the event while they were going on.

Kuroda Mephisto wondering if a Christmas Mephisto might eventually happen
This isn’t even a small sample of the insanity that were the story of those events.

Despite all the pluses these events really burned me out. Not only because of the grind but because there was another event I was looking forwardย  to, the Extra CCC Collaboration, which isย  going right now. The problem is you need to have completed the main story up to Solomon’s Temple to be able to participate in the Extra CCC Collaboration. But since I was tied up with other events I couldn’t do the main storyline nor spend time on strengthening my servants.

To make matters worse it also rewards a very unique welfare servant to those who complete the event. Also, if you miss it now the event will probably only return in two years assuming the NA version sticks to the current schedule.

This whole situation was making me so burned out and salty that I was getting close to just quitting the game. Eventually the salt feelings went away and I figured it might be better to wait for the two years. From what I hear this event is even harder than the Sixth Singularity and I had enough problems with that one with the current state of my servants. So I am taking my time now strengthening them and just enjoying my time with the Seventh Singularity.

Nier: Automata

A2 in the desert among giant Emil's heads
I wonder if these heads are something to Yoko Taro’s games as Cid and Chocobos are to Final Fantasy games.

I decided to pick this game back up in a bit of a whim. I stopped playing it a while ago because the main character of the second route fighting style just wasn’t as fun as 2B’s.

This time I just plowed through the story and finished it! Which I am glad I did, the story is excellent and together with its gameplay it makes it one of the best games I’ve ever played.

Now there are just a few other things I need to do to get all the trophies then I can move on from this game to another one, without any regrets. ๐Ÿ™‚

Dead by Daylight

I’ve seem this game being played on a stream a few times which always make me curious to give it a try. But since it was multiplayer only it always made me a bit hesitant to buy it.

Thankfully they did a free weekend a while ago for the game both on Steam and the PS4. I took the opportunity to play it by myself for a bit but it still wasn’t clicking with me, mostly due to the social anxiety that these multiplayer-only games tend to trigger in me.

The Wraith looking at the survivors he is about to try murdering
Nothing says “friendship” like trying to murder your friends! ๐Ÿ˜€

Fortunately a few of my friends love the game too and were playing it regularly. So I end up playing a few matches with them and got hooked. I bought the game on the sale plus a few DLCs and play it at least once a week with my friends.

I even got mostly over my social anxiety and play a few matches with random people some evenings. Usually when I need to get a Daily Ritual for Killer since when I am playing with my friends I am playing as a survivor (unless we have 5 people to play then we take turns playing Killer). I am the worst Killer ever but I do try to make the Survivors work for their victory at least and I am having fun. So that is what counts. ๐Ÿ™‚

I am skipping on talking about Azur Lane this time as I don’t really have anything interesting to talk about it. This is unlikely to change in the future so just assume I am quietly playing it. There may also be other games I dabbled in during these couple months that I forgot about. I blame it on having my mind occupied with both Fate Grand Order and Final Fantasy XIV due to the events going on in both. :p

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