Games I’ve Been Playing – March and April 2022

For a while now I’ve been thinking about stop blogging. To be honest the itch to write isn’t as strong anymore as it was when I started. Since that is pretty much the only reason for me to write then I doesn’t make sense to keep going if I don’t feel like it.

I haven’t quite decided yet what I will do and whatever decision I end up making there are a few posts I’d like to finish first. So until at least those are out I will keep business as usual here.

Anyway, since I didn’t make my regular games played report last month I will just do a write-up for both months on this post. Hopefully I didn’t forget any game… :p


Random Minecraft image as I didn’t feel like taking a new screenshot. Sorry~

The underground part of my house is pretty much done save for a few details. That is the area where all my crafting, building and enchanting is done.

Now it has an a proper area to craft/repair Tetra weapons and tools, an area to do enchanting both regular and from Ars Noveau, a future teleportation room for Astral Sorcery, a paper creating machine and a dried kelp making machine, both using Create, and an area to store three different types of liquid, again using Create.

Also my Sourcelink to fill the Source jars in the enchanting room is working quite right. I chose a lava one and built it in a tiny room adjacent to the enchanting one but one of the jars don’t seem to be filling in. Maybe the rate is just really slow and I haven’t notice much progress. Something to investigate later.

I also haven’t reorganized/expanded my storage drawers yet. That is another thing to do next time.

Lastly, I got myself a Drygmy to get meat, leather and other resources from my animals without having to kill them. At first I thought I messed up with the barn I built as the animals liked to hang around in the covered area and it looked to be just beyond the drygmy’s range of action. But looking now there are some beef, leather and other produce in the chest so maybe he just isn’t getting as many of those as the produce from the chickens. That or he is only getting those when the other animals go to the more open area. I dunno.

And I think my XP farm has definitely been built too close to a village as the monster spawns there are too low. That or it is the animals from Alex’s mobs that are messing up with it. I will have to investigate. :p

Next time I play I will finish the last touches on the underground area, investigate those issues and making a villager market for my personal use.

Fallout 4

Alan, an NPC from Sim Settlements 2, promising that his next invention will definitely work. Probably.
Among all my tomfoolery I seem to have lost my screenshots. So have this one that is still related but crappy

For most of these two months I have been happily playing Fallout 4, exploring as much as I could of Sim Settlements 2 and a few other mods. Seriously the Sim Settlements 2 team generated as much content as a full DLC!

Then tragedy struck, while in the middle of a main quest for Sim Settlements 2 I updated it and it broke that quest making it impossible for me to progress. Even using the cheat provided by the mod’s settings holotape didn’t work. There were also some other annoying bugs, unrelated to that mod that was bothering me so I decided to give up on that save.

The irony is that the update was to fix a bug in exactly that part of the main quest. So maybe the quest was already bugged for me before it and the update just broke it completely. I dunno.

Whatever the case may be, I decided to take this opportunity to tweak my modlist again. Get rid of some mods that didn’t work as well as I hoped, install some other ones I have been curious about, you know the usual.

I haven’t finished doing this yet as I decided to play a different game instead, the next one on this list…

Cyberpunk 2077

Johnny Silverhand narrating, mockingly, in a Noir tone: "It was the same old story - an unfaithful wife, in a city where everything was uncertain..."
If there was a Cyberpunk Noir game I’d totally play it. On the other hand I guess Cyberpunk already has some elements of the Noir genre…

Since my save of Fallout 4 got borked I decided to take the plunge and buy this game. It was in a promotion and since there were some talk about the latest patch I decided it was the time to give it a try.

At first I wondered if it was a good idea. I was having trouble learning how to do everything in the game, having difficulty with the fights and even worrying if I could keep postponing the main quest to go do all the gazillion side activities the game provides.

But after playing some more and buying some cyberware all these issues are gone and I am hooked!

A few thoughts in no particular order:

  • I wasn’t expecting Cyberpunk 2077 to be a “futuristic GTA” but it kinda works.
  • When those first info showed up I thought Jackie would be a grumpy “This is serious business!” type of guy. But he is a nice guy. I would even go so far as to call him best bro!
  • I honestly didn’t expect Johnny Silverhand to be this toxic or a zealot in his crusade against megacorporations. That are some moments here and there where where he isn’t that bad of a person though so maybe he will be alright by the end of the game.
  • I am the worst driver in Night City.

P.S.: you can blame this game for me being so late with this post. :p

Fate Grand Order

Thomas Edison during the Fate/Requiem event. The description box says "(The rest of his ten minutes were spent explaining technical minutiae.)
Me, trying to explain anything

A lot happened in FGO that I am probably forgetting something or another. But here is what I remember:

I finished the 2nd part of Fifth Lostbelt, Mount Olympus. The story did a proper job of showing how high the stakes were and how close to impossible our chances of success were. But at the same time there were some cringe moments because… well, it is FGO.

There were also some interesting plot twists and revelations that I am curious how they will pay off in the future.

We got a re-run of the Fate Apocrypha event which I could swear had happened before. But no apparently, it did not. This event was still annoying as the first time though.

There was also a re-run of the GUDA GUDA Final Honnoji event. This event was still fun and relatively easy to do.

Right now there is the Fate/Requiem event going on. This seems to be one of those collaboration events with one of the gazillion spin-offs of the Fate franchise. And like most of them I have absolutely no idea what Fate/Requiem is about.

Anyway, the event itself is… interesting. It has a boardgame theme going with it, with the first area even having a knock-off copy of Monopoly with actual dice to roll and tiles to move through with different fights/events. I am not sure how I feel about the whole thing yet but will probably have a more concrete opinion the next time I mention FGO.

For now all I can say is this event has so many freaking cutscenes! Good grief!

Honorable Mention: Final Fantasy XIV (just doing events)

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