Games I’ve been playing – May 2019

Another month that at the same time felt long and too short at the same time. I guess in this case it is because I finally sorted some real life things I have been putting off for a long time and because I didn’t play all the games I wanted to (isn’t that always the case?) due to tiredness and overall terrible mood.

This month should be pretty busy in terms of game releases so maybe this pattern will change. For now this is what I’ve been playing:

Devil May Cry 5

This game also has the best graffiti

This is a series that I’ve always heard a lot about and always wanted to get into. Unfortunately I couldn’t get into it before due to lack of a console and I only heard off that the previous games were available on PC after I bought this one.

In any case, the game does give an option to get a summary of the previous games’ stories which helped me to know who was who. One thing that did surprise me was that the combat wasn’t exactly how I was expecting. Given the series fame for over the top action I was expecting it to be more like the Arkham-series combat, a fluid ballet of punches and kicks. Instead the combat of Devil May Cry 5 seems to be more about combos and speed killing. I might be completely wrong on that analysis though. And yes, those attacks are pretty stylish and cool looking but I haven’t figured out a way of fluidly and easily moving between enemies like it is in the Arkham games.

I also liked what I’ve seem of the characters so far and the story seems to be going for a few twists.

Since getting through each level doesn’t take much time I will try to get a bit of progress in this game here and there, hopefully finishing it in the not so distant future.


Good riddance!

Stellaris was a game that I started off with a lot of passion to the point where it was the only one I was playing for a few days. Well, I was playing Fate Grand Order too to get dailies done, but my mind was pretty much on Stellaris all the time.

Then this passion suddenly fizzled and I stopped playing. In this case I think there were a couple reasons for it. The first one is I was playing with a custom race with the goal of turning them into robots. It took a while to research all the required technologies but I was able to do it.

Since I have a rotten luck of course something had to also go wrong. While my people were in the middle of being transformed into robots a species of independent warrior clans banded together around a leader and formed an horde that went out to conquer the galaxy.

At first I wasn’t too worried because there were other species between them and me but they quickly conquered territory and were soon at my borders. They had more fleets than I did and one of them was stronger than mine. That made me realize that there was a real possibility that they could destroy my entire civilization, or at least cripple it. Either of those would be enough for me to throw the towel at this point.

Still I decided to fight to the bitter end. The battles were fierce but I was eventually able to kill their leader. With that the war was over and their next Khan was fortunately too busy trying to stabilize their empire to come back for revenge. Their species even became a normal civilization like the others.

With that danger gone I was able to transform the rest of my population into robots and shortly after I just lost interest in the  game.

In the end I think both the factors, the war scare and turning my species into robots, is what made me lose interest in the game for the time being.

I still intent to see this save to the end though, specially since they should be releasing a DLC this month and usually they come with a free update to the rest of the game. Depending on the kind of update it could break a save game so I’d like to see what will happen to my custom species.

Fate Grand Order

After a rough start bullying Ibaraki I was able to come up with a team setup that could consistently do the 3 million HP fight. Granted, it wasn’t fast or that reliable but since all that mattered were how much damage we did to climb the points ladder it worked well enough.

The result of all that effort is that I was able to clear both the point ladder and the event shop, something I wasn’t able to do in any of the previous events. All those materials were already put to use too and I already need more but this time to raise a couple of new servants I got during the Rashomon banner.

Besides bullying bananas, I also did the last singularity of Part 1, Solomon Temple. Most of it was surprisingly easy. So much that I was starting to get overconfident. It didn’t last long though as the last boss just thrashed my servants. That cheater bastard just kept killing them no matter what kind of  team composition I tried.

In the end I got lucky because there was one person in my friend list who had the right servant with the right Craft Essence equipped that allowed me to win that battle. I don’t like to have servants from others to carry me through a fight but my only other option would be to level up some servants I have been neglecting and working on earning bond points with them. That unfortunately would take far too long to do.

Speaking of which, I started to work on some of those neglected servants. Like many newbies I snubbed on the 2 stars and lower servants because they were common. But a lot of them have some pretty good niches that make it worth investing on them.

It was something I started before I tried to clear Solomon Temple but there are still a lot of them to go. So far I got Hans to level cap and have been working on his skills. Arash is getting close to level cap too and I unlocked his third skill but it will take me a while to work on it.

Next up on my list is Asterios and maybe Shakespeare and Hassan of the Cursed Arm. For now I am more looking forward to Onigashima so I can finally get Kintoki (Rider). 🙂

I am just undecided if i should start Shinjuku while waiting for the next event or just keep strengthening my servants. Knowing myself I will probably try to do both. :p

Honorable mentions: Dead by Daylight, Azur Lane

Well, that was it for now. I can see the next few months being a blur as games I’ve been looking forward will be released!

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