Games I’ve been playing – November 2020

November felt like a pretty unusual month for me. First because I only played a couple of games the entire month. It would even just be one game if FGO didn’t pretty much expect us to login every day. Granted, I tend to play 2 to 3 games each month so this isn’t all that much of a change, it is just that even with this focus, there was a lot of game fatigue but I will get more into that in a bit.

The other unusual thing was that this last weekend and Monday there were a lot of unfortunate incidents, like losing my line phone, my internet and my power twice all in the interval of a few days. It is all fixed now and hopefully it won’t happen again any time soon. *knocks on wood*

If I don’t have anything bad happen in the entirety of December I will be happy. Knowing my luck though, that won’t be the case. But enough whining from me, let’s just get to the point of this post.

Skyrim Special Edition

“What do you want, Outlander?”

Yep, still playing it. Still trying to unlock all the achievements for it too. The end is in sight though as I am finally doing the Dragonborn DLC. Once those are completed there will be only a couple of achievements from the base game left to do that should be easy to get.

What hasn’t been easy to do though is to stick with the game. I am already feeling fatigue just from playing it pretty much every day. The itch to play other games has also been hard to resist but if I do try to scratch those itches I know I won’t be getting back to this game.

Another itch that has been hard to resist is to change my mods too. I know way too well that doing that kind of substantial change to my installed mods in the middle of a playthrough will only end in tears so I am trying to be patient and wait until I finish this save to do it.

Oh, I also finished all the quests available in the Legacy of the Dragonborn and Helgen Reborn mods. My intention was to write a post with some thoughts on them but due to the above mentioned incidents that just wasn’t possible. I will see if I can do it some time this week though.

Fate Grand Order

You know the story will hit you in the feels when they put cutscenes with beautifully painted backgrounds.

The beginning of the month in FGO saw the re-run of the Christmas 2019 event. I am not sure if I am just misremembering (and I am too lazy to check) but I remember that last year this event was a bit of a pain to farm. I still managed a team to do it back then, it just wasn’t exactly optimal.

This year though, I had much easier time coming up with teams to farm the event. Even better I got lucky and got Eresh from a couple of yolo rolls. She was one of my favorite characters in the Babylonia singularity so it is nice to finally have her as part of my roster. 🙂

After that it was the release of the Lost Belt 3, The Synchronized Intellect Nation, SIN.

I was a bit apprehensive going in since reading on forums that this Lostbelt would be hard, some even going so far as calling it Camelot 2.0. However my experience so far with this Lostbelt has been relatively easy. Some of the boss fights were a bit hard due to their gimicks but nothing that felt as tough as Camelot’s boss fights.

This perception might change though as I am finally getting to the final boss fights. Those will probably be very hard. But even then compared with Camelot, where even the regular fights felt hard, I still say SIN is easier. Maybe the other Lostbelts after it will be just as hard as Camelot.

Story-wise, it might be the best one for FGO so far. There were a few moments that really hit me in the feels and almost made me cry. I am enjoying it so much that it might even become my new favorite story in the whole game.

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