Games I’ve been playing – November 2021

It is almost hard to believe that it is December already. I am not ready for the year to end! AAAAAH!

Anyway, November was almost one of those “MUST PLAY ALL THE GAMES!” kind of month. I’d like to say that didn’t happen because I got into a couple of very time consuming games but the truth is my heart just wasn’t into those other games.

It was just my rational mind that told me I should play other games for a reason or another. But every time I thought about playing them I just didn’t feel like it. Consequently I didn’t play more games as I’d rather not force it and sour the experience.

But enough rambling for now. These are the actual games I’ve been playing recently:

Final Fantasy XIV

Okhi'to posing with the inferno jacket
My screenshot may be crap but the jacket is not!

I almost thought about quitting Final Fantasy XIV for good. To be honest I just don’t have the same appetite for MMORPGs I used to have and as the years go by I become increasingly more apathetic towards the genre.

However Endwalker will finish the storyline with the Ascians and the Garleans and Square-Enix did such a superb job with Shadowbringers that I want to see how the story ends. Just for this I will continue playing for a while longer.

This month finally saw me returning to the game to grind enough tokens to get the Infernal Jacket (pictured above) from the Moogle Treasure Trove event.

I had to do a lot of Main Quest Scenario dungeons to get it but I am happy I did. It is a cool item and I am pretty sure I’d regret if I gave it a pass.

After that I haven’t logged in to the game again despite some plans to try leveling my crafting Jobs a bit more or do some more inventory cleaning. I might try doing a bit of the latter tonight.

But actually playing? Only after the expansion releases in a few days.


Part of my gold generator machine made with Create
More terrible screenshot! But this should give an idea of the shenanigans I have been up to in Minecraft

In my mad rush to catch up to the same progression I had in my previous world I end up burning myself on Minecraft.

After not playing for a while I got the bug to play this game again and have been happily building some things. Recently I finished my iron and gold generators which puts me pretty close to where I was in my previous world.

I also need to stop procrastinating and write that post with all the progress I’ve done so far. Will try to get to that ASAP!

Fate Grand Order

Since nothing much happened in FGO this month have a random screenshot.

The only thing of note that happened in Fate Grand Order in November for me was the Hunting Quest event. Despite having a good stock of most materials I still grinded a bit on this event as there are some materials *cough*bones*cough* that you can never have too much of.

Outside that there was just some special summon campaigns that I mostly ignored. I did throw some quartz and tickets and the Thanksgiving campaign which surprisingly enough got me Okita Souji. Unfortunately I didn’t get Scatach too.

This relatively calmness might have been a good thing though as today is the release of the next story chapter, the Atlantis Lostbelt. I am really curious about it for a lot of reasons and I will probably talk about it in a future post.

Honorable Mention: Spirit Hunter: NG

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