Games I’ve been playing – October 2020

I don’t know what was up with this month. It started normally then at some point it is like it went into fast-forward, everything became like a blur and before I knew it the month was over. I guess that goes for this entire year, with some months feeling like they are taking a long time to pass with others feeling like “Wait, the month is over already?”

This kinda end up reflected in the games I played this month too…

Super Mario Odyssey

You know I am terrible at screenshots because all the ones I have available only show Mario from the back.

This is one of the many games I got as soon as I bought my Switch but quickly fell to the wayside as I got distracted by other games. It didn’t help that this game is also about getting all the collectables, a kind of mechanic I am not much a fan of in games.

Due to some nostalgia for Mario games I decided to pick this game up again and complete it this time, even if I had to use a guide to complete it!

The guide helped as I could focus on what felt more fun to me in the game, which was puttering around, possessing enemies and defeating them.

Unfortunately I didn’t finish the game since I got distracted by Skyrim SE but I did make some good progress into it. Right now I am in the middle of the Metro Kingdom, which seems to be about halfway through the game?

With any lucky I might return to this game this month and finish it.

Skyrim Special Edition

An almost complete display! Also, the lighting is a bit weird because the museum looks really dark with my ENB for some reason and I had to use night vision in the screenshot!

This game is a large reason for the month feeling like a blur and all my plans for the month getting derailed.

I thought I was just change some mods, get some more achievements I haven’t unlocked yet and call it a day. Discounting the time it took messing with the mods, the only thing that went according to plan were a few achievements I unlocked. XD

What end up consuming a lot of time were two mods that were new to me. The first one was The Dragonborn Legacy. I used to ignore this mod because I preferred to have a trophy room in my player houses to show off my stuff plus having a whole museum dedicated to my character felt kind of…. I dunno, too much?

But since I switched mods to stash my stuff I’ve felt less reason to use my usual player house mod, I’ve decided to give The Dragonborn Legacy a try. Turns out it was a good decision, filling up the museum is fun, the voice acting is on average pretty good, the quests aren’t bad either. Just the dungeons the game adds that I am not much a fan of but they aren’t horrible.

The only really bad thing for me is that it expects you to do everything in the game to fill the museum. And I mean everything. This is different from what I usually play the game as I prefer to only do what makes sense for the current character.

For example, if I play a warrior character then they will just join the Companions, only level up warrior-like skills and so on. If it as a mage character they will only join the College of Winterhold, only level up mage-like skills, etc. Even joining the civil war ends up being dependent on what makes sense for my character concept.

But with this mod I am finding myself having to play an uber character that can do everything. I get why they did the museum with that kind of expectation because trying to support different play styles could be very complex and the mod is already complex as is. Unfortunately this also means that it is taking forever for me to finish this playthrough.

The other mod I’ve been testing is Helgen Reborn. This one I ignored because I am just picky with quest-like mods. Plus I didn’t care that was one less town in Skyrim whose only thing I knew was the name.

However I was kinda tired of having to kill the bandits there every time I want to go through the area so at least for that it would be nice to rebuild it. Surprisingly enough I am actually liking it. Again the voice acting is on average good, the story so far has been well written, feeling very lore-friendly and the mini-dungeons it adds are well done.

I haven’t been able to spend too much time on Helgen Reborn as most of my time has been spent trying to fill the museum from the Dragonborn Legacy and doing some other stuff to unlock achievements.

My guess is that I am about halfway through Helgen Reborn but I am curious to see how the town will look when it is rebuilt.

If I keep going at this pace it will probably take me another couple months to finish the game…. Probably. XD

Fate Grand Order

The TV show-like previews between each act of the Halloween 2020 event were awesome. Not only because of the artwork but because they were fully voiced!

In the beginning of the month I completed the re-run of Halloween 2019 event. I already commented on it before so I will skip that part. Unfortunately Osakabehime didn’t answer my summons again. I am still heartbroken about it and trying to accept the fact that maybe she is not meant to be part of my servant roster.

After that was about a week free of events and then the Halloween 2020 event happened. As always the story was great, I didn’t even see the first plot twist coming even though I should have see it given the pattern of previous Halloween events.

The mechanics of the event on the other hand wasn’t as fun. The problem is to do good damage to the event mobs required not only the craft essences from the event but also getting to certain thresholds in the event tracker.

At first I didn’t notice that because in the beginning I was trying to complete the fights with the servants that gave bonus points for the event tracker. Most of the ones I have just weren’t in a good position to clear each wave of mobs very fast.

I only noticed the difference when I was over halfway through the event tracker. By then it was a race against the time as I only had about a week to farm the event, complete the tracker and buy everything I cared about in the event shop.

I had to use a bunch of golden apples to do it though and almost thought I wasn’t going to be able to make it. Next year I will have to remember all that, maybe grinding from the start will make it less painful.

At least the Challenge Quest was pretty easy, even with the blunder I made for the frontline team.

Hopefully this year’s Christmas event won’t be so bad, mechanically speaking, because all the major FGO events for this year have felt extra grindy, with the exception of Gilfest. That one was a conscious decision to grind because the lotto was so good.

Now that I think about it the Christmas events also have a lotto… So might be worth the grind then.

Honorable Mentions: Azur Lane

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