Games I’ve been playing – October 2021

I know I am sounding like a broken record by now but this was another month where things weren’t exactly good, mental health-wise. It began well enough but after a while I just felt irritated with everything for no reason and didn’t feel like doing anything.

Even to play games I had to force myself to do it and I just couldn’t get into it for any long period of time. Consequently I found myself either watching more anime or reading/thinking about TTRPGs a lot more.

I also missed this year’s Halloween event in Final Fantasy XIV which sucks. But I will try to at least do some of the moogle tome’s stuff to at least get that Inferno Jacket. I’d also like to get some other stuff done before the release of Endwalker. We’ll see how it goes!

Anyway, these are the games I’ve played this month!


A regular crafting table just transformed into the Astral Sorcery's crafting table inside one of the temples
I probably should have saved this screenshot for the upcoming Minecraft post but I needed something for this post and this was the best I got so…

The beginning of the month was pretty much spent playing this game. I’ve made some pretty good progress in this restart by getting another house built up, a storage system and some basic machinery from Create setup.

When I stopped I was just building my usual factories which I of course had to decide to tweak for aesthetics and make my life hell again. /sigh

I think a post about Minecraft is overdue since there is enough difference on this playthrough, thanks to the mods, to make for an interesting post. It also reminds me that I really need to update my mod list.

Spirit Hunter: NG

A girl in gothic clothes saying "Maybe the last survivor of the human weapon project developed by the old army?"
First off, that is rude! Second off, that is a nice reference to the previous game!

My intention was to play and finish this game before the month was over, just to keep with the spirit of Halloween. However due to the above mentioned issues I only started playing it yesterday… And even that wasn’t a lot of time played. At least I can say I played a horror game in October?

Anyway, despite the impression the previous paragraph may give I actually enjoyed what little time I spent on it. Like it’s predecessor Spirit Hunter: Death Mark, NG does a pretty good job of capturing that creepy japanese horror aesthetic.

The biggest difference that I felt so far has been in the protagonist. While the main character in Death Mark felt like a detective out of a Cthulhu story, in NG the protagonist feels more like your usual delinquent with a heart of gold from an anime. Surprisingly enough both work very well with the setup of their respective stories but it does amuse me how just a change of protagonists can make the games feel very different.

My hope is to finish this game this month as there are a few things I am curious about the story already! 🙂

Fate Grand Order

X saying "Is there a gorilla class among Servants too? I can't remember for sure."
You know, X, that wouldn’t surprise me in the slightest if they ever implement that class.

I still find it surprising, and even a little sad, that FGO didn’t get a Halloween event this year. I guess the developers were just tired of thinking of ways to fit Elizabeth into the event.

What we got instead was Saber Wars II, which unlike the name implies isn’t really a parody of Star Wars. It is more like the usual Fate Grand Order event craziness just in space. Or rather, in another universe’s space.

Something that I just realized and I just find amusing, is that by now our character doesn’t even freak out anymore no matter how insane the situation. On the other hand they have been through a lot of crazy stuff between the main story and events so that is understandable. XD

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