Games I’ve been playing – September 2019

My goal for September was to continue playing the same games as I was playing in the previous month. Failing that (which I kinda expected to happen) then it would be to make as much progress in Judgment and Fire Emblem Three Houses as I could as well as get back into Monster Hunter World.

To the surprise of no-one the later end up happening. Well, sort of. I did play a bunch of Judgement and Fire Emblem Three Houses. Monster Hunter World though I kept post-poning for a reason or another. Despite that I didn’t feel like I played enough of those two games despite having made some good progress on them. To make matters worse I got hit with depression on the last week of the month and end up updating my mods for Fallout 4 to serve as my “comfort food” of gaming and to see if it would scratch my itch for something creative.

I better start talking about each game individually least I start to ramble!

Fire Emblem Three Houses

You can scream any time you want, Bernadetta!

I think I am at chapter 6 or 7 right now. The plot took some unexpected twists and added some new mysteries to the story. I am really curious to see what those twists were about and what the villains are plotting.

I finally came to terms  that I might not be able to recruit all the students on this playthrough, maybe not even the ones I want to. Which is kind of a shame because I want to know more about all of them. But I suppose they made it to not be that easy on a first playthrough to give people a reason to play through the other routes. At my last playthrough though I am fully intending to recruit all of them though. My hope is by then I have much better understanding of the game mechanics and an easier start thanks to the New Game+.


I don’t think I unlocked all the disguises in this game but I am pretty sure this is the best one

Judgment is another game which I believe I am at chapter 6 or 7 and another that has had quite a few twists. I am still no close to figuring the identity of the serial killer, what their deal is or how it ties into the current Yakuza fight going on. But they certainly proved how dangerous they are and the case got a lot more personal.

Now I also have an idea of what happened in the case 3 years ago that brought so much prestige to Yagami and the events that led him to quit his career as a lawyer. Right now it is only a pet theory though and I have no solid evidence to back it up.

In any case I am loving the direction the story is going. It seems the main case may be a lot more complicated and have a lot more people involved in it than I was initially expecting. 🙂

Fate Grand Order

And this is the best nickname for Lancelot!

After Nerofest ended we only had a week to barely breath before we got the Halloween 2018 Re-run event. As always with events in this  game the story is completely bonkers and funny. I also loved the whole mixture of Halloween and retro-gaming theme going on.

This time all the Challenge Quests were surprisingly easy too and I was able to completely all of them. I didn’t grind much on the quests though as there wasn’t anything on the event shop that I really need right now and I couldn’t form a team that could quickly clear the best node for this event.

I am looking forward to the Halloween event for this year though as the welfare servant we’ll be getting is of the Alter Ego class, of which I have none. And I like to have one servant of each class just in case they may be useful in the future.

Fallout 4

Despite appearances this is a farm. Just raider style!

My initial goal with this playthrough was to finally finish the game as part of the Brotherhood of Steel. However one of the mods I wanted to test this time was Conqueror and found myself embracing the raider lifestyle. I might still end up finishing the base game storyline as the Brotherhood since I don’t believe the quest line with Conqueror ties into the main quest yet or has a way to bring one of the endings. At least I think part of the intention with this mod was to tie the settlement system more with the rest of the game and the main story but I could be wrong on that point.

In any case I am really impressed with the questline in Conqueror, which is surprising since I just usually hate quest mods. The new mechanics it introduces are pretty fun too despite some bumps I’ve been through. It all integrates so well with the  game that if I never played Fallout 4 and someone showed me a video of it and told me it was part of the base game I’d believe it! 🙂

I might write a bit more about it in a few days. For now I am just enjoying it as it gives some fresh air to Fallout 4.

Honorable mentions: Azur Lane

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