Games I’ve been playing – September 2021

Another weird month for me. This time every time I was enjoying a game something in it would frustrate me to the point where I had to put it down for a little. Then I had some trouble trying to find something else to entertain me. When I finally found something else to replace it the cycle would repeat!

I think it might finally be over for now as I am finding myself enjoying my time with Minecraft again but we’ll see what I have to say about it next month!


Repeating the mysterious door picture because I am kind of in a rush here!

My crazy project to redo the buildings in one of the villages continued… for a while. I eventually got frustrated with it and a bug I was having to the point I decided to redo my list of mods.

One thing led to another, I found other mods that looked cool and before I knew it I decided to restart on Minecraft. Again. /sigh

Despite this little bit of insanity I had a mini-adventure that made pretty much ended any doubts I had if restarting with more mods would be a good idea or not. I will write a post soon with more details about all that as there is a lot of explaining to do.


A fluffy history of one of the necroid races I was playing. Also, I named the ruler Strahd and the empire Barovia...
I may have been too much into Curse of Strahd when making this empire….

I decided to finally buy the Necroids DLC as well as trying the Nemesis DLC which I haven’t tried yet. My goal was to create a species of space vampires to become the end-game crisis of galaxy.

There was only two problems: The first was that it’s been so long since I last played Stellaris that they changed a few things in substantial ways, requiring me to figure out a new strategy to play the game. The second one was that a necrophage species has some unique challenges of their own that took me a while to learn.

Despite those two problems my empire was going okay-ish, mostly because I was playing in the easiest difficult setting possible. Unfortunately that didn’t last very long. Everything went downhill when I made the decision of joining the new formed Galactic Community. I thought it would be fun to mess around with them to try to set things in my favor while at the same time secretly working to become the ultimate threat to everyone.

The problem happened when another empire was also working on to become the galactic threat and was wiping other civilizations. The Galactic Community then declared them a threat to everyone and declared war on them. I decided to join in the war thinking it would give me a free pass to eliminate a rival.

Well, said rival had claimed a good portion of the galaxy by then. Plus the A.I. being dumb as a hammer I was pretty much the only one doing anything against them. I only had a problem against them in the beginning because they had a couple of planet-destroyer weapons which was a bit too much for my fleets to handle. But after those were destroyed and my technology kept improving it wasn’t too hard to keep claiming their territories.

But claiming so much territory in such a short amount of time proved to be my undoing. The empire sprawl was too much for my empire to handle, slowing down technology development to a crawl and almost destroying my economy. Worse, it lasted so long that my empire suffered from a 100% war fatigue and even with the war pretty much won, the stupid A.I. who started the war wouldn’t force them to surrender.

My only hope was that by completely wiping this rival the war would end and I could then try to do something about this empire sprawl. Then when there was just a few systems of them left to claim, an actual galactic threat from another dimension showed up and started to attack my systems. With all my fleet on the other side of the galaxy trying to end this stupid war I didn’t even have a chance to defend myself and with the loss of these systems my economy went into another death spiral.

I also didn’t even realize until then that the only reason I hadn’t unlocked the last step to become a galactic threat was because I forgot to do one research!

At that point I gave up on that campaign and decided to restart, using all the knowledge I gained to do better.

The second time I was doing far better in terms of managing my empire sprawl as well as with the unique necrophage mechanics. The first archeology events I got kinda of sucked but I was willing to roll with it.

Then my neighbors who were all robots got into an alliance and decided to declare a conquest war on me. No problem, I thought, I am technologically and military superior to them… individually anyway. Turns out that combined their fleets were able to match mine and I sustained too many losses.

It also didn’t help that one of my fleets was also so dumb that instead of going through a safe route to the war zone they decided to go through the system with the big Shard Dragon that just annihilated them with a glare.

At that point I was just too annoyed to continue with that save.

Still determined to re-learn how to play Stellaris I decided to start a third time, but now with a robotic empire. However I barely played a few hours on it before giving up. My heart just wasn’t into Stellaris anymore.

And now that I finished writing about this I realize I should just have made an individual post about it instead of trying to cram it into my monthly review. Ooops!

Fate Grand Order

I still love these fake “next episode” previews from the Oniland event!

The month in FGO began with Gilfest, one of the events I was most looking forward because of its lotto. Just like previous fests the lotto was extremely profitable, allowing me to level up pretty much all my servants, with the exception of one that I didn’t have the materials to ascend. It also allowed me to get all of my Merlin’s skills from 1 to 10 and still left me with some QP that I could level another servants skills up to 10. Which I wanted to except I don’t have the materials for it…

That was the positive. The negative even though these fast barely have any story to it, this one felt particularly meh. I guess they wanted to hint at Saber Wars II and decided to use this event for it but the result just didn’t work out for me.

Also, I thought I would just clear the previous year Gilfest’s ultra-challenging fights with ease since now I had the best servants grailed and with all their skills at 10 to deal with it. But I don’t know if they tweaked the fights or something else happened that I just couldn’t do it with my own team.

To beat those fights I had to resort to borrowing an Arjuna Alter from my friend’s list and now I see why so many people wanted to roll for him. With the right setup the guy is just a beast that can easily destroy most opposition.

Another servant that I borrowed, that surprised me, was Shi Huang Di, whose Noble Phantasm and skills pretty much make him immortal.

I pretty much ignored both of these servants as I was saving my quartz for others I wanted more but now I kind of regret it. Oh, well, I am used to fighting with out the top tier servants and eventually getting them so maybe those two will one day join my roster too.

Unfortunately I spent so much time trying to beat some of those ultra-challenging fights that I didn’t have the energy to try most of the new ones. Granted, they are all optional, but the rewards can be pretty good if you can beat them.

After that it has been the re-run of the Halloween 2020 event. The fights on this event still took too long for my tastes, even with MLB’ed Craft Essences for extra damage.

The raid however I found out that the middle difficulty one to be stupidly easy to do and thanks to that I think I got pretty enough event currency to clear the shop. I will still need to do some grind to clear the event track though.

Annoyances aside, I still like this event’s story and their parody of magical girl shows.

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