Gaming Goals for October 2018

Rakuno checking his Smart Tomestone

October is one of those special months to me due to Halloween. It is not a holiday we celebrate here so I have a weird fascination with it. Even though if we did celebrate it here I’d probably be annoyed by having to open my door give kids some candy or people expecting me to put on a costume. XD

I do like the Halloween events in MMOs though since it is all the silliness of it but without any of the annoyance!

Anyway, I am still experimenting with the  format  for these gaming goals posts. I am not sure if I should keep the results of the previous month in the same post as the goals or break it into two different posts. It is something I will need to think a bit more and decide what I want to do once the end of October rolls around. For now you get both in a single post.

September Goals in Review

Well, just like I predicted Yakuza Kiwami 2 disrupted all my plans. Not that I am complaining much, Yakuza Kiwami 2 is an excellent game and I am more than happy to be playing it. But it wasn’t the only disrupting factor. I will explain more in a bit. So here is what happened in September:

Final Fantasy XIV

  • Finish the 4.2 storyline – DONE

Turns out I already had finished it before I made those goals. I even was even on the start of 4.3 but didn’t realize it because the story just transition into it smoothly. So instead I decided to finish the 4.3 storyline.

It was all progressing well until I had to do one trial to progress the story. The only problem is it required Item Level 335 to do it. My Item Level at the time was 312. To solve this I had to buy a new weapon, spending half of my money into it (I am pretty poor in MMOs) and grind tomestones from Duty Roulettes to upgrade my gear.

This meant spending many a nights queuing  for the  Duty Roullete, doing the dungeons and slowly upgrading my gear. It was annoying and it did disrupt my plans for the month but in the end it was worth it. I was able to complete the 4.3 storyline just a couple of evenings before patch 4.4 released and it was so worth it. I loved the story in patch 4.2/4.3. Now I am looking to see what the story will be in 4.4. 🙂

  • Start on Heaven on High – DONE

I even wrote about it. I also got the Monster Hunter Collab done which was another thing that was in my bucket list but didn’t want to set as a goal for last month for… reasons I can’t remember.

And for the record I haven’t gone back to Heaven-on-High yet to get to floor 30 but I will eventually.

  • Get all crafting and gathering classes to level 58 – INCOMPLETE

Between the disruptions of Yakuza Kiwami 2 and grinding to upgrade my gear to finish patch 4.3 I wasn’t able to dedicate myself as much as I wanted for this. That and at the end of the month I was a bit burned out of Final Fantasy XIV.

Although I think most of the burning out has been due to the fact that my crafting levels are at about 54 and I am struggling to figure out a good rotation. At least the gathering classes are around level 57 so I got them close enough to my goal.

For now I am bumping this goal to October and re-thinking my strategy with the  classes.

  • Get Altani to level 30 Ninja and do the next step of her Main Story Quest – DONE

Altani just finished the fight with Titan (Normal) as far as the story goes. As a bonus I got her Warrior and Ninja levels to 35 and completed their respective Job Quests.

Single Player games

  • Reach Chapter 4 on the Witcher – INCOMPLETE

That didn’t happen. Again, part  due to the disruptions I listed above and partly due to me underestimating the amount of time it would take to finish chapter 2. I am the start of chapter 3 though so this is another goal I am bumping to October.

Goals for October

The only thing that might threaten my goals for this month are Fist of the North Star  which is releasing tomorrow or if I need to do another grind for gear if it becomes necessary for patch 4.4 of Final Fantasy XIV.

Fist of the North Star I am not too worried about as I probably won’t play it until I finish Yakuza Kiwami 2. But I could change my mind about that. As for patch 4.4 I don’t think they will make it require another bump in Item Level or if they do it won’t be as much of a difference as it was with patch 4.3.

There is also the Halloween event for Final Fantasy XIV which I have no clue when it will start but if it is like any previous year it shouldn’t take more than an evening of play to do if even that. So I am not too worried about that.

Final Fantasy XIV

  • Finish the storyline for patch 4.4
  • Get all crafting and gathering classes to level 58
  • Get Warrior and Paladin to level 35 and do their respective Job Quests

I am keeping things pretty light on the Final Fantasy XIV front as I will probably spend this month more playing single player games.

Single Player games

  • Finish Yakuza Kiwami 2 main story
  • Get some of the easiest trophies in Yakuza 6 that I didn’t  get yet
  • Reach chapter 4 in The Witcher

No surprises here, I guess. But I probably should explain the Yakuza 6 bit.

I finished Yakuza 6 main story already. But there were a few substories I didn’t finish and some other trophies I didn’t get because they were feeling a bit too grindy for me.

Usually I’d finish them all before finishing the main story of a Yakuza game but it was getting to close to the release of Yakuza Kiwami 2 and I wanted to at least finish the story of Yakuza 6 before moving to the newer game. That and I was getting sick of the grind.

However I’d like to try to get all the trophies for Yakuza 6 if possible. So I will start with the ones that are easier to get and leave the harder ones like finishing the game in Legendary difficulty or that require to finishing the Baseball mini-game to a later date.

Eventually I’d like to get all the trophies for all the games I have started on the PS4 which is something I haven’t accomplished yet. But that requires some planning and the Yakuza games seems like a good place to start it.

These are my goals for this month. What about you? Are you planning anything special for October? Or  will it just be business as usual?

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