Gaming goals for September 2018

Rakuno dressed as a butler

Going to try setting myself some monthly goals again. Hopefully this will keep me focused on certain games I have been meaning to accomplish certain things and make me not feel slightly less guilty about the backlog.

I will try to not beat myself up too if I don’t accomplish any of the goals. If that is the case I can just bump it for the next month or some other time where I feel it would be more appropriate.

For this month I will try to be very conservative on my goals just to establish a baseline for future posts of this kind.

Without further ado, here are the goals for this month:

Final Fantasy XIV

  • Finish the 4.2 storyline
  • Start on Heaven on High
  • Get all crafting and gathering classes to level 58
  • Get Altani to level 30 Ninja and do the next step of her Main Story Quest

For Final Fantasy  XIV, leveling the crafting and gathering classes to 58 might be the most ambitious goal. Most of the crafting classes are at 53 right now, while gathering are all 54 except for Mining which is 55.

However between the Moogle Tribe quests and levemets I should be able to accomplish this.

Why did I choose 58 and not 60? Well, I like to make my own gear whenever possible. I also like to do the Job quests as they become available otherwise I feel I am losing XP. So gathering the rares for both will require some time.

There is also the fact that I am still trying to figure a good crafting rotation for these levels and I still need to figure a good strategy to get the scrips for Master books.

I could try to ignore the Job quests then come back later to them at a much higher level just to brute force my way through them. But like I said, it would feel like wasting XP. :p

As for Altani, that is my alt that I created for variety’s sake. The poor girl has been horribly neglected as I’ve been focusing all my energy on Rakuno. And no, the name isn’t that clever. It is just something I got from the Random Name generator and it amused me enough to keep it.

Single Player games

  • Reach Chapter 4 on the Witcher

The Witcher (the first one) is a game I have been meaning to finish forever but always end up distracted by other games and keep forgetting about it.

Right now I am near the end of chapter 2. Last time I stopped playing it was in the beginning of chapter 3. I don’t know how long chapter 3 will be so I might be a bit overambitious with this one. But if I can accomplish this then it will mean I got farther than the last time I played the game which is already a win for me.

There are more goals I’d like to put here, specially in the single player category. But like I said, I am trying to be very conservative on the goals I set for myself. Just the crafting and gathering part in Final Fantasy XIV should take quite a while to finish.

There is also the possibility that my copy of Yakuza Kiwami 2 may arrive this month and completely derail all my plans. XD

Which is yet another reason for me to try to be so conservative with my goals. XD

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