[Guild Wars 2] Someone to watch over my back

This isn’t exactly a fresh topic anymore but my excuse for not posting when the time was more appropriate is that I was too obsessed with getting the blog moved to here. Now that is out of the way, might as well post it now!

Anyhoo, due to certain circunstances Caleb Steelclaw, my charr warrior, had to leave behind his warband in the Black Citadel and head to the big world by himself. He wasn’t too happy about that though so he decided instead to form his new warband. Here is the first new member, Jenkins:

Fear the power of Jenkins!

Don’t let his disguise as a backpack  fool you! He is actually one of the elite soldiers of the Ash Legion and- … Ah, who am I trying to fool here? Ok, it is just a backpack in the shape of a charr. But he is still part of the new warband!

Caecilia Cicerus, my human guardian, also decided to get someone to fight by her side. Or rather by her back as the case might be. Actually, she got her partner first and Caleb got his later.

Details aside, you can see  she has a fierce veteran of many battles watching her back. I mean, just look at the guy, one of his eyes is barely being held by a thread! With a someone like that fighting with you there is nothing to fear!

Quaggan is mighty warrior!

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    • You can still buy the quaggan backpack in the store. Probably the charr one too. There was a stripped charr version that looked like a  tiger but it was for a limited time  and it was a  random chance to get from the Black Lion Chests.

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