Inventory Woes

Rakuno's messu inventory in Final Fantasy XIV

This is post #3 for Blaugust Reborn

Last Saturday Baghpuss, of Inventory Full, suggested some blog prompts as part of Blaugust. One of them was to talk about inventory management. 

Apparently the  topic was popular enough that some other bloggers decided to write about it too! I will just shamelessly copy StarShadow and list them here:

I already wrote something on the topic back in… 2012?!? Yikes. I didn’t realize it has been that long. Anyhoo, I figured it would be interesting to have a look at I am dealing with it nowadays.

Turns out not much changed  except for the game. I don’t play Everquest 2 anymore and my MMO of choice nowadays is Final Fantasy XIV.

My main hoarding problem continues to be crafting materials. But unlike in Everquest 2 which had a special crate just for store it, in FFXIV I have to store them like any other normal item with my retainers.

Worse, since items in Final Fantasy XIV are first turned into component parts which are then latter turned into the final item. That means if I don’t use all of the components I keep it around just in case I need to craft that item again in the future or some other item that might use that component.

Oh, sure I could certainly sell those too, but like all my crafting materials I have a hard time selling them just because of the thought it might be useful later on and save me some time crafting.

Another problem is that it isn’t unusual for crafting items to require materials from lower tiers. Meaning, I can’t even safely say “I won’t use this one ever again so I can safely sell it”. Because if I do need it again that means I either have to harvest it myself, tell one of my retainers to do it (and wait an hour for them to do so, if they aren’t busy with something else already) or buy it from the market board.

Some of the really low level materials can be bought at the NPCs for some pocket change at least. And I think some others may be bought from the Beast Tribe merchants if you have enough rank with them, which I do. But it is too little to help with my hoarding habits.

One of Rakuno's retainers, Irinde
My poor retainers suffer so much given my disorganization and hoarding tendencies…

I also considered just selling the raw materials I get and instead buying the crafted components to then craft the gear I need. I am not sure if this would be economically viable though. It also doesn’t help that I have been always terrible at making money in MMOs so if this turned out to be a bust I might end up losing too much money and time to recover from.

It becomes even more problematic if we consider that at the level I am the components would have to be all High Quality too since that is what the crafting quests ask for and the kind of items I’d be crafting for myself too.

Besides crafting my other inventory bane in this game has been Glamour.

For those who don’t know it, Glamour is how Final Fantasy XIV calls its system of copying the appearance of one item to another. And as anyone who have played FFXIV long enough will tell you, “Glamour is the real end game”.

All that is  to say, yes, I collect items for Glamour purposes too. A few patches ago  they added a special storage, called Glamour Dresser, where we can store away items just for this.

Rakuno's really empty glamour dresser
I only realized how empty my Glamour Dresser was when I took this picture…

The only reason I don’t use it more is because 1) Once an item is stored there it loses all its stats and can’t be retrieved anymore, which I would be fine with except for 2) The items in the Glamour Dresser can be only use on the player and Grand Companies squadron members. If I want to use an item as glamours for my retainers I wouldn’t be able to do it now.

I think they said they wanted to extend the Glamour Dresser functions to retainers at some point too but until they do so I am very conservative on what I put there.

The only thing I haven’t been really hoarding are house items. Mostly because the only ones that aren’t crafted or vendor bought are from seasonal events and there aren’t that many of those. I don’t think there are regular quests that give furniture or that can be looted from dungeons. I could be wrong though.

The other reason is I can only have one house in this game so I will have to be happy decorating that one. At least the houses in Final Fantasy XIV look gorgeous and it has its own special storage for items that aren’t in use. So that is a plus.

I was going to write about my hoarding problems in Skyrim and Fallout 4 too but I think this post is already big enough as it is. I will probably do a follow-up just covering those two games instead. 🙂

UPDATE: SDWeasel in the comments is right! We can take back items from the Glamour Dresser! This changes everything for me! :O

4 thoughts on “Inventory Woes”

  1. They did change the glamour toilet so that items can be taken back out yeah? I could swear that was in the last big patch before I quit.
    I hear you though, with all three gatherers and two Crafters max level I think I had four retainers with at least two being dedicated to crafting components. Extra retainers are like inventory crack.

    • They did? Hm. I might have missed it then. I haven’t paid quite much attention to the patch notes as I’d like lately.

      Yeah, I don’t even have a maxed crafter or gatherer classes yet but I already have two extra retainers just to hold all my crafting stuff. >_<

  2. I don’t know the FF systems at all, but as time goes on, I am becoming convinced the only way for me to deal with inventory is to be ruthless – if I had more space, I would just fill it up with more stuff!!

    • I agree. Now the only problem is for me to let go of all those crafting materials…. They are my preciousss….

      I definitely filled more space once they gave me it. In one the patches in Final Fantasy XIV they added some inventory to the chocobo. There are some technical differences with regular inventory but enough to say I just threw a bunch of stuff there…. It kinda feels like hiding dirt under the rug… : x

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