It is almost time for Blaugust 2019!

August is almost upon us and that means another Blaugust will be here!

Last year my initial goal was to get 5 posts done during Blaugust but as the month went on I got more ambitious and tried to aim for 15 posts. Unfortunately that didn’t happen and I ended up with only 10 posts.

This year though I intend to go for 15 posts from the get-go. Will I be able to achieve it? I have absolutely no idea. But I am going to try anyway! XD

If you are curious what is this Blaugust thing then read on!

What is Blaugust?

Blaugust is a blogging event hosted by Belghast of the Tales of Aggronaut. It started as a challenge to post everyday during the month of August in the hopes of incentivizing people to post more regularly. Last year though the event changed and absorbed other events. Now the goal is more to infuse new life into this hobby of ours as much as incentivize posting regularly.

The number of posts that need to be made during the month of August also changed. Now it has 5 different tiers that you can choose to aim for. This means that if you feel you will only be able to make 5 posts in the month of August that is totally cool and Blaugust acknowledges that.

It also absorbed the, now defunct, Newbie Blogger Initiative event, created by Syp of Biobreak. That means that it also aims to stimulate people to start blogging as well as having a Discord where fledgling bloggers can get have questions answered, advice and general support.

It also has thematic weeks so if you are lacking ideas for one week, you can just check the theme that week to see if you can get some inspiration. The themes are completely optional too so if you feel like writing about something else during that week that is completely fine too.

Lastly, but not least important, although most of the participant blogs are focused on games it is open to any kind of blog (and even vlogs!). So if there is something you are passionate to write about and feel like this is an event that would be fun to participate in, please do so! 🙂

More information about Blaugust, the sign-up sheet, the discord link and even a media kit can be found here.

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