[IWD] Eastheaven, part 2

(Warning! This post contains spoilers about Icewind Dale. If that bothers you then skip this post.)

When we last left our heroes things were pretty good. They saved a merchant’s shop from a hungry wolf and got a pearl for doing nothing but delivering an ancient sword. Still, they had a hunch their work in Easthaven was not done yet. There was all those rumors of orcs and goblins near town after all as well as the missing caravans. With that in mind they continue exploring the town in search of adventure, riches and XP! (That last one being something only Alladin cared. The others still have no idea what he is talking about)

Their next stop was the local temple to Tempus, the patron god of battles and warriors. This may seem a strange place to look for adventure but considering the kind of things that happen in a fantasy world it is a good place as any!

The temple is very impressive, containing several relics probably collected of battles of past ages and two impressive giant horse statues guarding a glyphed door. The person responsible for taking care of the temple is a man called Everard.

The party meets Everard

Unfortunately for them he had no problems that required the help of a random group of adventurers just passing by. He did however had several interesting bits of information for them:

He is part of an order called “The Broken Blade”.  Their battle wounds however took them away from the front lines. They are still fit to guard holy sites to their god though, which is exactly Everard’s current duty.

In fact, this temple is a Holy Site to Tempus. Apparently, the story is that a long time ago there was a barbarian shaman who united the tribes against a conqueror called Arakon. As Arakon was about to lose he opened a gate to the Lower Planes to bring demons to his aid. Jerrod then had a vision of Tempus and sacrificed his life to close the gates and win the war. His body, encased in stone, is still under the temple.

While telling the tale Everard seemd to disagree about Jerrod’s sacrifice. Upon being enquired further he says that Jerrod had no need to sacrifice himself, the battle was won already. Jerrod would have then misinterpreted Tempus’ aparation and threw his life away.

There is a bit of argument about the meaning of sacrifice but eventually they decide to change the topic to something else… Like that messenger from Kuldahar!

He did not have that much more information though. All he could tell was that the man did end in the temples door, like someone said previously, that his words were hard to make sense but apparently he came by orders of the Archdruid of Kuldahar and that there were some disturbances over there.  The messenger died that morning due to his wounds.

Everard also said he would not be going with the expedition since Hrothgar didn’t ask him to and even if he did his wounds would only slow them down. Besides he has duties to the temple too.

Lastly, they asked about the glyphed door. Everard told them that door leads to where Jerrod’s stone lies and the glyphs are seal put in there by Tempus a long time ago to prevent people entering it.

Without anything else to interrogate ask about the priest about the party bid Everard farewell and continued exploring the town. They didn’t find much of interest though. There was a drunkard who tried to get them buy hom some booze but they refused out of principle. Or rather, Hansel did and the others just went along.  They also met a few other people claiming to be joining Hrothgar’s expedition as soon as it departed.

One of those people was Pomab, the owner of the general items shop. His name is Pomab, a calisham who claims to have quite a title. What he was doing as a shopkeeper though is something the party didn’t enquire tough least he decided to raise the price of his wares.

Pomab Ak'azmhir, Royal Diplomatic Envoy of Calimshan and Appointed Overseer of Nothern Caravan Routes

Since they were in the shop it  seemed like a good time as any to trade that perl and outfit themselves in proper gear. Except that apparently they already had enough money to buy all the gear available, there was no need to trade any pearl! Ooops.

Anyway, Hansel got some plate mail (if I recall correctly), a bastard sword and a shield. Grethel got some chainmail (since there was no more plate mail), a long sword and a shields Snow White got a chainmail a mace and a buckler. Godilocks and Red Hood got some leather armor, bows and arrows. Alladin just got a sling and some pebbles.

As they got near the  edge of the town a boy came screaming, asking for help. Goblins were just outside the town’s edge, near the lake and they took the fish he was caughting too! Being the do-gooders they are, they promised the boy to take care of the problem.

Unfortunately the fool here didn’t take any proper screenshots of any of it. The best I can give is one of the after-math.

Dead goblins

The boy was grateful and  the party even returned him what was left of his fish. He promised to tell his dad all about them. So nice of him!

That seemed to be the last of problems they could deal with in Easthaven. It was time to head to Hrothgar’s house, see what this expedition was all about! Except they made the mistake of letting Red Hood lead again… But we’ll get to that in the next post of this series. 🙂

6 thoughts on “[IWD] Eastheaven, part 2”

  1. Your post is making me want to get back to playing Icewind Dale myself! I vaguely remember choosing the “Your Lordship” option in Pomab’s shop, but of course I was thinking that the tone of the response was a whole lot more sarcastic than Glorious Pomab would be hearing within his own mind.

    The fact that the party let Red Hood lead is the reason for all the problems since since Red Hood seems to be the closest party member to an actual ranger. In fact, I’ll be surprised if they manage to make it to Kuldahar without ending up in five other places first…places that others who may play Icewind Dale would never experience.

    Hmmm maybe I should put a ranger or ranger-wannabe in my party now, or at least whenever I get back to playing!

    I really like the description of artifacts in the Temple. There’s a lot of nifty places where that descriptive question mark appears when you hover over something. You don’t seem to see that often in games nowadays.

    • I’d say “Doooo it!”. But I know we are both busy with EQ2 right and other stuff so that is unlikely to happen.


      The “Your Lordship” option is probably the paladin-ish type of answer. Since Hansel is a paladin and  the party  diplomat I chose that one. The option about Pomab being a lowly shopkeeper as a form of disguise is probably a more subtle sarcastic answer though and now I wish I had chosen that one to see what would happen!


      Red Hood *is* a ranger. That is why she is always getting lost. Although in her case it seems to always be getting  the party to where they need to be. Even if they don’t know about it at the time. 🙂


      I like the description of artifacts in the temple too. Well, I like the descriptions everywhere. I guess games dropped it as they went to 3D models with more and more polygons thus thinking that the item appearance should be description in itself. I am not sure it is a philosophy I agree with. But I am also not the one making a living with game development. So!

      • Oh she *is* an actual ranger? *goes to back to the post where you described your characters* No wonder then! For some reason, I kept thinking she was a thief. Maybe because Imoen was a thief in Baldur’s Gate and I’m still irked to this day about them dual-classing her into a mage in Baldur’s Gate 2!

        • Goldilocks is the thief. And this might be a spoiler but I was planning to multi class them too… Although I think I messed something up since Goldilocks doesn’t seem to get that option during level up. Red Hood I am just waiting a few more levels to multiclass her though.

  2. Is Goldilocks human? I believe you have to be human to multi-class? Or was that just dual-class? Actually, I guess you wouldn’t have to be human for multi-class since Jaheira was a fighter druid and she was an elf. If it’s not a race restriction, you might not have high enough stat points for the other classes stat requirements?

    • No, she is not. She is a half-elf. I thought humans were the ones who could dual class and non-humans were the ones who could multi-class?

      Well, whatever the right answer is neither option appears to her. While it does appear to the others who are eligible to it. And I swear I chose the right stats to make her eligible for it too during character creation. So I don’t really know where I screwed up.

      My plan was just to get some more magical artillery with her to make fights easier later on. I think I might be able to complete the game despite not being able to do that but I don’t think I am even halfway through it (I am far ahead in the actual game than in these posts) so I could be wrong!

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