[IWD] Holy Trash Talking!

(Spoiler Waning about Icewind Dale! If that bothers you then just skip this post. If you are just beginning there is an archive of this series that you can find in the top menu.)

When we last left our heroes they were facing the entrance to another series of caves while I feared what could lay beyond it. Well, it was time to find out what was behind it.

It wasn’t exactly what I expected instead the party was received by a commitee of undeads that are quick to threaten them verbally. Hansel however realizes the voice does not come from the undead but from someone else in the area. Not only that but he also decides to do some trash talking with this new enemy!

The party is met by some undead and start a discussion

This is another case of a fight that the monster by themselves aren’t too hard but becomes somewhat challenging due to their numbers. It didn’t help I wasn’t unprepared (read: didn’t buff my party) and hadn’t played the game in a few months so it took me a few tries to win this battle.

After exploring a bit more of the caves they find yet another group of undeads just like the ones that “greeted” the party at the entrance. More trash talk follows with whoever is controlling these undead. This time though there is also the mention of some “old enemy” which the party tries to get more infomation about but all they get is a warning for party to not get involved in this as this is an old grudge between the necromancer’s ally and her enemy.

The party dispatches this other group the fight some annoying blast skeletons that do an area of effect ice damage as they die and find yet a third group of undead just like the first one. Guess what happens next? If you said “Trash talking!” you were right on the mark. Again it is just warning for the party to not get involved as these undead are nothing compared to her personal guard. Obviously the party just ignored the threats then opened their way through the cave with lots of violence.

As they got close to the necromance personal area they found one last group of undead squad similar to the previous ones. That made the party really happy not only because that meant they were probably closer to their current goal but also because they were about ready to put some gag in Hansel’s mouth just so he would stop trash talking with the necromancer!

More trash talking as the party gets close for another fight

As soon as they dispatch more undead they finally reach close enough to the necromancer’s quarters which in turn makes her personal guards attack the party. Turns out they aren’t all that hard with some pulling strategy and the use of the bridge to funnel their numbers. Well,  ok, I did get a party wipe a couple times at least until I pulled that strategy well. Once they were defeated it was just a question of defeating the necromancer which turned out to be a push-over without her guards.

The party is about to fight the necromancer

Once the fight was over they did what any adventurer worth their salt would do: looted everything that isn’t nailed down or on fire! Alladin got a new robe, Snow White got a new flail and Goldilocks got a new dagger. They also found some other miscellanous loot and what seems to be a list of possible threats to the necromancer’s plans. It included some names that the party have met, including Hrothgar and Arundel. Unfortunately there wasn’t any note or clue among the necromancer’s belongs about what was going on here.

A list of names with some notes possibly denoting how much of a threat they posed

There was also no sign of the artifact the party came to retrieve. So they went on exploring the rest of the caves. There were only some traps on the way but nothing Goldilocks couldn’t handle. Finally they came to… another door!

The party faces... a door!

Somehow I don’t think there is an exit from these caves behind this door. I am also getting a feeling that I should go back to Kuldahar to resupply since I don’t think the current goal is anywhere close.

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