A Knight’s Elegant Home

After some testing in editing the layout file to decorate houses, I decided it was time to actually tackle a real project. That project turned to be Ramalis house. I had been craving for a long time to work on a Neriak house and Ramalis had been leaving on a “warehouse” for so long that it was about time to work on it.

This is still one of my favorite houses. Unfortunately at some point I decided to fix some things on its design and due to a combination of stupidity and technical problems end up losing the layout files with the original design. So if I were going to remake it I would have to do it from scratch! /sigh

One last note, the screenshots of this house were taken from the point of view of Ramalis. So things look way bigger than they actually were.

To keep with tradition here is a shot from the entrance.


Even Shadow Knights need pets. To this end Ramalis got himself a turtle and a nice terrarium.

Ze Turtle!

He also made sure to have a nice bench near the entrance to change his boots and store other important stuff. Can’t go too far in the house with dirty boots after all!

Sales crate

Then we come to the living area. It has some candies for guests to munch on as well as a bar nearby to sate the thirsty.

Living area

Living area 2


After the living area we get to the dinner spot where some of Ramalis things he collected during his travels are on display.

Dinner Area

Nearby we have the kitchen with all the conveniences necessary for a chef to do some good work!


Kitchen 2

On top of the kitchen lies Jarvis’ bedroom, Ramalis’ burynai buttler.

Jarvis' Bedroom

Going back, to the floor above the living area, we get to Ramalis bedroom. Just outside of it though one can find an aquarium.

That aquarium  was something I shamelessly copied from Jazabelle with her blessings.


Inside the bedroom things are relatively simple. Being an intimate area Ramalis probably didn’t feel the need to put on appearances as much as in the other areas of the house.


Bedroom 2

Bedroom 3

His private bathroom is a bit more fancy though. The design for the counter was inspired by Jaylah’s works. While the toilet was from a decorator called Sapphirus, if I recall correctly.


Bathroom 2

Bathroom 3

Going back down and going through the other doorway, we find the library. It is filled with books on all kinds of subjects so Ramalis could keep studying in what little spare time he had. He also got a few ancient scrolls that he kept on display there.


Library 2

This set of snowglobes were some I earned in a little game from a Frostfell party. It was hosted by the guild I was in at the  time. Because it has some sentimental value to me I tried to display it in an easily visible area as well as some place that made sense.

Ze Snow Globes!

In the back of the library was Ramalis private office. Just something where he could write letters, store important documents and so on.


I wonder what happens if we pull this book…

The book isn't that odd, actually...

Pulling the book opened a passage to a secret area!

Secret passage

Secret Lab

In that area Ramalis did some research on new Shadow Knight spells.

Secret Lab 2

Secret Lab 3

Secret Lab 4

He also had a display of all armors he used since his life as a knight began. Sentimentalism or maybe something else?

Armor Stand

There is also a small training area as well as a forge to experiment with new armor designs.

Training area and forge

He also kept the bulk of his riches there. After all what place is safer than some secret, spooky, lab under your house?


Going further into the lab we find more of Ramalis’ obsessions.

Secret lab 5

One of his obsessions is the destruction of all void creatures (long story). To ensure their complete destruction he has been studying them as much as possible. Through much cost and danger he was able to get his hands on two specimens touched by the void, one of them even still alive.

Secret lab 6

He also has a small dissection table to study any void-touched corpses he might eventually get.

Dissection Table

Lastly there is a jail he built to imprison his former master (again, long story). Because imprisoning someone in their secret lab is obviously something completely sane and healthy.


Jail Interior

Thanks for looking! 🙂

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