Monster Hunter World Woes

Since my last “Woes” post ended up helping me in some kind of subconscious way I figured I might try it again, this time with Monster Hunter World.

My biggest problem with the game is that every time I stay away from it for too long when I come back to it not only I have to relearn how to play the game but what the hell I was up to. Granted that isn’t an unusual problem with games and I usually don’t have much trouble getting myself reacquainted. But in the case of Monster Hunter World the problem is exacerbated because it has a gazillion different weapons, each with their strengths and weaknesses and several different monsters to hunt, again each with their own strengths and weaknesses to exploit.

Oh, and depending on the gear we want we need to hunt specific monsters for it. Which means figuring out which monsters need to be hunted and the most efficient way to do it.

To make it even worse I am still stuck in that transition phase between the lower ranking monsters and high ranking ones. On one hand I want to hunt all the new monsters. On the other hand it seems more prudent to hunt the high rank version of older monsters first to upgrade my gear so I stand a chance at defeating the new ones.

I am also frustrated because my story progression is currently blocked by the pain in the backside that is Nergigante.

Right now my gameplan to deal with these issues is the follow:

The first thing I think I will do is try to  get the Radobaan hammer for my Palico. That was a suggestion from a friend of mine. Supposedly that hammer is pretty good to put enemies to sleep.

The Radobaan might also be a good monster to get me reacquainted with the game considering it is a big, relatively straightforward monster.

Right now I believe my Palico is wearing the Zorah Magdaros set, including the weapon. So that might end being a good upgrade weapon-wise. I am not entirely sure what kind of armor upgrade I will give him though. I will need to do some research on that.

As for my character he is wearing the Guardian armor set we  could claim when Iceborne was released and for weapon I am using a Kadachi Fang I. I have no idea why I was using this weapon only that is the best one I currently have. I was probably trying to exploit Nergigante’s weakness to thunder.

I will probably re-use this picture until I kill Nergigante

Since I want to hunt other monsters in the Elder Recess though I am thinking of maybe trying the Blacksteel Long Sword since a lot of them seems to have a dragon weakness. Or maybe I should just try to go for an even more specific weakness depending on what I try to hunt first.

Another thing I am pondering is if I shouldn’t switch my choice of weaponry entirely. I like the long sword because for me it has the best balance between range, speed and damage. But I also always forget about the Spirit Gauge and all the special attacks unique to this weapon.

I also like Great Swords but they are too slow and my play style tends towards dodging the enemy rather than trying to block it. My other preferred weapon, the dual blades have the problem of needing too much sharpening. Although my friend suggested that if I do go for the dual blade I could get the the Odogaron armor set for faster sharpening.

If I decide to go with a Dual Blade that would definitely give me a goal as far as armor sets go. But to be honest I am not looking forward to fighting Odogaron again any time soon. The first time, when it was low rank, was already annoying enough with its speed and bleeding attacks.

I am almost considering trying other weapons too but part of me worries that I’d just be wasting time trying to learn a different weapon that I will be even worse at. On the other hand I might end up finding something that I enjoy more.

And now that I put this all into written form this feels less like a plan and more of bunch of jumbled thoughts dumped into a post. XD

Oh, well, it might still help me decide on something I guess.

4 thoughts on “Monster Hunter World Woes”

  1. I walled on Nergigante big time. Gear didn’t really matter. Some general tips:

    – learn to iframe dodge (dodge without a weapon)
    – learn to iframe dodge
    – learn to iframe dodge

    If you can avoid his dive bomb attack, the rest is fairly manageable. Other bits:
    – in the cave area, shoot a stalactite for a stun/damage.
    – when he retreats back and goes to sleep, put down a large bomb
    – sliding attacks on the hillside, or just on the small ledge near the bottom allow for rides on his back for some pretty insane damage.
    – pay attention to his color. All black, I generally leave him alone until his spikes are shot out.
    – try to break his tail in the first section battle. You can go all out and he is at his weakest.
    – shooting flashbugs in the final (small) area helps tremendously.

    • Thanks for the tips! 🙂

      I will give them a try once I regain some resemblance of player skill. Which means hunting some other monsters first and trying not to die. XD

    • I heard about Dauntless but honestly I haven’t really seem anything yet that would make me want to play it. And right now I have so many games to play that a completely new IP would have to some really strong hook or something else to get me to give it a try.

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