My least favorite classes to play

Post #14 for Blaugust 2019

Before starting just a bit of administrative news. Over the weekend I changed hosts for the blog. I was trying to put this off until the end of the Blaugust to lessen the possibility of chaos but circumstances forced me to do it now. So if things were broken or weird during the weekend that is why.

This was far more painful than I expected due to, in large part, some dumb mistakes I made. Also right now “Likes” and “Related Posts” are broken because Jetpack is a jerk and everything I tried to fix hasn’t quiet worked. I will keep trying. Sorry for the inconvenience!

Anyway, let’s get to this post as we continue with topic prompts from last year’s Blaugust. This time it is from Ocean Marie of Soul of the Forest. Her prompt is:

What Class Do you REFUSE to Play?

Forewarning: This will be a bit rambly. :p

I can’t say I have a class that I would absolutely not play. I mean, I have altitis, there is always something interesting enough to justify playing a certain class. There are however certain classes that in general I am not much a fan of.

For me my least favorite classes are casters. For a long time I thought it was because they were ranged, so much that my motto used to be “If I can’t fight close enough to feel the bad breath of the mob on my face then it is not fun!”. But I also like playing with archers so that can’t really be the explanation.

That leaves only my other reasons to dislike playing them. They tend to have longer casting times than other classes, feel very squishy and, except for the hats, have terrible fashion sense. I mean, I couldn’t care less for fashion in real life but at least in my games I want my characters to look cool. Wizard robes tend to be the opposite of cool, they look like some potato sack that someone made a hole for the head and sew sleeves into. :p

I was also never much a fan of wizards in fiction (again, there are exceptions) as they usually play the role of the wise person or the one with mysterious powers. My preference however has always been for the person with the sword that is in the thick of battle to protect others  instead of the wizard who is prancing around to show their wisdom or how mysterious they are.

My second least favorite are pet classes. One would think I’d just lump them together with casters but they have pets which makes them more interesting than pure casters. On the other hand they have pets which also makes them a bit annoying and uninteresting to play. “Wait!”, you say, “Isn’t that a contractidion?”. Kinda. Let me try to explain it.

What attracts someone like me to a class is whatever makes such class stand out from the others and in the case of pet classes it is, to the surprise of no one, the pets. But in the majority of games the pets tend to be the same for everyone playing that class. They usually can’t be renamed either making them even more generic.

Plus from a mechanic point of view they can require a bit more of micro managing than if you were just worrying about keeping yourself alive in combat and doing whatever mechanics the fight requires. I am just generally not a fan of micro managing. :p

Again, there are exceptions though. I liked Hunters in World of Craft, at least back when I played around Burning Crusade. I liked that the pet we used was one we chose to tame, according to our playstyle and preferences. Plus there was the part about their moods that I always liked. Yeah, it was a pain to have to carry food around to feed them and taming some of those pets was kind of annoying. I still loved it and it made me care more about my hunter’s pet than any other pet class did. While other pet classes made me feel like the pet was just some disposable weapon I could summon at will, my Hunter’s pet felt more like family that made me feel guilty if they got killed. I always tried to make sure they were on a good mood so they wouldn’t run away.

To this day I haven’t found a pet class that made me feel like that. The Ranger in Guild Wars 2 came close but still didn’t feel quite the same.

There are probably other classes I’d probably not want to play but that depends largely on implementation. These two however are the ones I tend to play last in any game.

And that is it for now. Hopefully I can spend more time in the next days actually writing blog posts rather than trying to fix things.

7 thoughts on “My least favorite classes to play”

  1. I find I tend to prefer the “controller” type of class the most. These are typically some kind of ranged or caster dps, so that’s where I tend to fall. I’ll also tank, no problem.

    I used to love healing, back in the day, but it’s now my least favorite class. I’ve never been a fan of melee dps, but I don’t really mind it either, so I don’t mind dipping my toe into that world from time to time.

    • “Controller” type of classes can be interesting too though I don’t think I played any for a long enough period to have any strong feelings about them.

      Tanking and healing I am okay with after I get over my fear of letting people down. I like that they feel more involved then DPS which usually are just doing your rotations.

  2. Looks like likes are working again!

    And interesting post! Like you, there are no classes I’d put my foot down and refuse to play — but if I was forced to nominate one, it would be the rogue / assassin archetype.

    Perfectly happy with the more warrior-esque melee, or even a caster/melee hybrid like Red Mage or Enhance Shaman. But nooo thank-you to maining a rogue.

    Fun side project though. One time in WoW some friends and I twinked out rogues to level 29 and had the bestest of fun rampaging around BGs. xD

    • It is just weird. I swear “Likes” were working for some posts and not for other posts earlier when I tried this. The “Related Posts” seems to still be broken but I guess it needs some time to build up what posts are related to which? Or something like that? Ah, I have no idea anymore what Jetpack is up to!

      I am kinda the opposite. I like rogues. At least the kind there was on WoW where you had to think about how to sneak behind the target to make the most of your opening attack. I also like stealth games even if I am terrible at them. XD

      Caster/melee hybrid can be fun. I also love Red Mage and Enhance Shaman was my favorite back in WoW too. 🙂

  3. Well, we can always play together! My first choice is always a caster with healing abilities, followed by archer (with or without pet), then pure healer, the non-healing caster. I’d even rather tank than play pure melee DPS (at least in any group-content focused situation – I’m ok with it for solo play).

    • I had an ex-friend who was like that. It was nice when we played together because we never chose the same classes so there was never any attrition over gear drops or even comparing each other’s play styles. 🙂

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