[NBI] Newbie Blogger Initiative 2013 conclusion

Newbie Blogger Initiative

October came and went and so did the Newbie Blogger Initiative (NBI for short). I didn’t participate as much as I was hoping for  this year which is becoming a troubling tendency on my part. And I am still blaming Everquest 2 for it!

Personal lamentations aside, it was a good event. We got returning veterans who shared more words of wisdom, newbies from the previous years joining the veterans sharing their hard-won knowledge and bunch of new initiates who created brand new blogs or who decided to give it another go.

We also had events which were pretty fun to participate and see the responses too and the NBI has its own site now that can serve as repository and index to all the advice given during this event.

A big thank you for Doone of T.R. Red Skies and Roger Edwards of Contains Moderate Peril for organizing the NBI this year and creating a site for it. Organizing an event is never easy but both you gentlemen did a great job!

I will be doing a round up of the events and the articles in a later post. For now, here is the list of the blogs that participated as Initiates this year as well as the list of Sponsors. If you are looking for something new to read I am pretty sure you can find something you will like on it. If you have a blog of your own consider adding some (of all!) of  them in your blogroll too, specially the initiates. The NBI for this year may be over but our support for the initiates do not end here. A link in a blogroll can mean a lot for any blog, specially ones starting out. Which reminds me I need to update my own blogroll… Hm. I will do it Soon ™.

Another thing you can do to support them out is to leave a comment in the posts you like. It always cool to see people enjoying something you write that they decided to leave a comment. 🙂

Alright, with all that said here is the list. If I forgot anyone, just let me know in the comments or through contact link up top!


The Chindividual


Cheap Boss Attack

The Cynic Dialogues

Misadventures in Gaming

Away From Game

Lyirica Heals You


Part Time Core Gaming

Lyle’s Grind

She’s All Nerd

Vagabond Worlds

The Sofa is Waiting

JVT Workshop

The Vancouverite Video Gaming Blog

Mysterious Artifact

In Character

The Lazy NPC

The Jazz Panda

Thinking Play

Null Signifier

A Blog Reborn

Cogitationes Astalnaris

Gamer by Design


World’s End Tavern

Sheep the Diamond

Why I Game

The Hive Minded

Vagabond Goes For a Walk

MMO Gypsy

Grimnir’s Grudge



Games  and Geekery

Tobold’s Blog

The Ancient Gaming Noob

Ald Shot First

Bio Break

Psychochild’s Blog

Parallel Context

MMO Gumbo

Healing the Masses

Inventory Full

Herding Cats


Out of Beta

Avatars of Steel


2 thoughts on “[NBI] Newbie Blogger Initiative 2013 conclusion”

  1. It definitely sounds like a fun event and that everyone had a good time participating. Maybe one day in the far future, when I decide to get back to doing something with my own blog, I’ll think about participating myself.

    How long does NBI last each year as far as the actual events go? Is it just for October?

    • It was and I hope to see you participating it one day. 🙂


      Well, the first one was last year and was organized by Syp of Biobreak. It was during… May or March, I think. It lasted for a month. This year he couldn’t do it again because he was too busy with real life commitments so Doone and Rodger Edwards took over and made it during October. Again, it lasted only for a month. They plan it to do every year though so I guess every october will be NBI month.

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