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(This is part of the Talkback Challenge for the Newbie Initiative. It is one of the two themes chosen. The other one is “Armchair Game Designer” but I think I will be skipping the second one for now)

I have some social phobia. I say some because it is not enough to make me stop going out of the house or doing stuff I must do. But it is enough to make me avoid parties, if I can, to hate speaking in phones or other voice chatting devices, avoiding dealing with strangers, not liking to eat in public or go shopping for clothes plus a few other things. It makes life very inconvenient and things that are simple to others are harder for me. So what is a person like this doing playing MMOs, one of the most social games out there? Or even caring about guilds?

Well, to answer those questions we need to go through my history in MMOs and, by extension, guilds. It all started, a long time ago, with my love with tabletop RPGs. Since I always had trouble finding groups to play with here MMOs seemed like a good solution to it. I mean, it would be like mixing the best of a tabletop RPG with the graphical parts of CRPG games like Baldur’s Gate! What was not to like?

Unfortunately I live in Brazil and being a teenager at the time without a credit card meant no means to import those early MMOs much less paying for a subscription. My brother though found a private server of Ultima Online (before I even knew what that was!) and I gave it a try too. That lasted like 5 minutes because I couldn’t figure out what to do or something along those lines. Later on there was an open beta for Ragnarok Online that I could join so I decided to give this MMO thing a try again. I saw people attacking monsters and did the logical thing in a situation like that. I tried to attack monsters they were fighting too! Except then people scolded at me for doing it, leading me to be completely confused. So while I was waiting for some monster that was roaming free of any irksome player for me to attack I got a random group invitation. I accepted because, hey, why not? The guy wasn’t a bad sort of person but kept rushing for us to attack mobs and that wasn’t a very pleasant experience, much less the roleplaying I was looking for. So I gave up on MMOs thinking there was nothing of the tabletop RPG experience I was looking for.

Some time later after that a friend of mine was telling me about game he was enjoying, a MMO called Fairyland. I don’t know how he convinced me or what was going through my mind at the time but I decided to give it a try. For the most part I liked it. And you could say this was my first real MMORPG experience.

Still my real life issues heared its ugly head into it. If he invited someone else for a group I would scould him because I believed that the proper thing would be consulting everyone else in the group first and only invite someone else if everybody agreed on it. In truth it was just my social anxieties trying to disguise itself as something reasonable. I think I had similar issues with our clan (the same  thing as guilds for other games). I also had problem accepting in-game gifts to the point that they pretty much had to twist my arm to accept it. Although that last one would be more of an issue of pride I guess.

After Fairyland there were other MMOs we drifted through. Eventually we settled in Lineage 2. Again I blame my friend for that and he would blame a  friend of his. :p

Anyway, while we were still a wee newbie, I was going to one of the bigger towns to buy some gear for my character as I heard there had better options from the NPCs shops there. When I was almost reaching town a woman approached me in the road inviting me to her clan. She was kind enough to answer a few of my questions and I decided to accept it. You see, by the time we got to Lineage 2 both me and my friend had given a try at the leadership thing both without much success. So I figured I’d risk it and see how a stranger handle things.

To this day I still consider that a lucky meeting. Lineage 2 is an extreme hostile enviroment, not only because if it is a Free-For-All PVP game but because theere were so much things that people could get away with that it really created a toxic comunity. That woman, and the other people of our clan though, were always nice to me and my friend. In fact they became friends over time too. I learned a great deal about the game with them, learned to be a lot less proud about accepting gifts and borrowing items in-game (I was always pretty much broken. And you know what they say about beggars and being picky…) and stopped being such a jerk about group and clan invitations. In fact they are responsible for me for playing that game much longer than I would normally play. Something that would happen later on in other games, with other people. They also set to me my expectations for a guild and my part as a member of it: friendly, selfless and who do things just for the fun of it.

I  guess you could also say this is where my hatred towards voice chat began. Well, besides my distaste for any voice chat device and troubles hearing in english, it was also when I realized that if your are not into voice chat in some form all you will have a very quiet clan/alliance chat channel. :p

At the time I was also going through treatment to deal with my social issues. That helped too to make friendships with the clan and deal with that tulmutous part of my real life.

After Lineage 2 I drifted through different MMOs again. I also lost contact with the people I met in Lineage 2 for various reasons. The game I eventually settled on was Everquest 2.  By this time I was very disillusioned with MMOs, their conventions and trappings. Still Everquest 2 had some interesting neat ideas (*coughs*playerhousing*coughs) that seemed interesting. I was also by myself so I decided I would  give the roleplaying server a  try, hoping that would make it easier to deal with the grind.

I went through a couple of guilds, once again learned a lot and made some real good friends that I am still lucky to hang out with to this day. They are also the ones that made me play Everquest 2 for much longer than I would otherwise. Heck, they are a good part of the reason I came back to Everquest 2 recently. Because of  them I also got to try a couple games, and got really close to try a few others, that I would otherwise never step my virtual foot in. With them I finally realized that MMOs are just as fun as the people you play with. The guild you are a part of.

And that is what guilds are for me: friends who can make what could be an otherwise uninteresting genre into something very fun. In fact, I think they would also be the definition of the multiplayer part of MMOs for me too. Take away all those other strangers from the game and the experience wouldn’t change much for me. But take away my  friends and my feelings towards the game will change dramatically.

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10 thoughts on “[NBI] Talkback Challenge – Guilds: What for?”

  1. What a wonderful thing to share virtual worlds with other people. While it’s tough for me to have fun with strangers, I used to be so very eager to try. It was just the excitement of the MMO world that sort of drove my curiosity and desire to share an adventure. I think guilds will always be around in MMOs. I don’t think they can be the same without them.

    • I agree. I can’t say I have always been willing to try sharing the fun with strangers (read: PuGs) I always was willing to give it a try with a clan/guild member. Even if they just joined in or was someone I never had any other interaction with besides some couple words in guild chat. It just feels like the right thing to do when you are in a guild after all.

      And yes, I  think guilds will always stay around in a form or another. There is just certain conveniences to it that makes them unlikely to disappear.

  2. I had fun with UO for quite some time until they eventually changed it too much. It just didn’t have the same magic after a while even though it was the first MMO I ever played. It also got away with a lot that people would never put up with nowadays. Lag that completely immobilized you for minutes at a time, and rollbacks that could make you lose hours of gameplay. The servers would have maintenance every day and you couldn’t play too close to that time or you would get rolled back too far. It had no real competition at the time so people stayed despite the issues.

    I never heard of Fairyland. Sounds like it might have been interesting though!

    DAOC was the first MMO where I was involved with a guild in any major way. Of course, it had all of its political issues and a guild leader that turned out to be somewhat insane. One of our mutual friends ran into him on AB in EQ2 at some point and he supposedly hasn’t changed much. I have no idea if he’s still playing now though.

    Despite social phobia, I think you have been more social than me lately. You are in voice chat more than i am! 🙂

    • I heard stories about that when people talk about Ultima Online or Everquest.

      Fairyland is a very unknown title that very people know about. Hence why all the links to wikipedia in the post. I started putting a link to the Fairyland article on Wikipedia then decided to add links to the other game’s wikipedia articles too just to be fair. :p

      Yeah. My first guild in Everquest 2 end up imploding due to a sort of insane leader too. Though that is a story best left forgotten and  the less talked about the better.

      I am only in voice chat because you are all nice and let me to just listen and reply in the ally channel. :p

      When I am in a really anti-social mood though I just don’t play MMOs or play in hours where I know it is unlikely for others in the alliance to be online.

      • Well I’ll tell you a secret that I was feeling so asocial the other evening that not only was I not in voice chat, but I turned off guild event announcements too on the chance that anyone there would notice I was alive and want attention from me. Yes, I know it’s not really a secret since I’m typing it here, but sometimes we just do what we have to do to stay sane when in those moods! 🙂

        • <nods> I can understand. Like I said, I have similar feelings from time to time. My strategies to deal with it just happen to be different though. But as long as it work for us and we aren’t doing any harm to anyone (including ourselves) I think it is fine.

  3. What a great set of experiences. Some good and some bad, but I love that you never stopped trying.
    I personally play MMOs because I’m lonely. Working nights and being home all day by myself (especially after Kiddo was born), I needed grownup people to talk to. And like you, I lucked into finding a couple of great groups of people over the years. Some I’ve lost touch with and some turned out to not be as great as advertised. Even when I’m soloing in an MMO, I know there are others to lean on jsut a couple of keystrokes away.
    And on a personal note, I think I hit the friendship jackpot the day I met you! (Everyone else in our little allied group, too, but you know, this is YOUR blog, so you’re the most important.)

    • Thanks. I am always close to stopping altogether. But there is something about it that always pull me back.

      That is a big part of why I play MMOs too. I am lonely mostly due to my social issues so playing these games is one way of dealing with it.

      I think I hit the jackpot when I met you and poSychel too! (and eventually the others) 🙂

      Now that I think about it, I think it all started, back when we were in Tempest when poSychel approached me and asked if I would be interested in a sort of fixed group for dungeons. I would tank, he would heal, you would DPS and the rest we would fill with whoever wanted to tag along for the ride. I must admit my first thought was of aprehension since I don’t like those kind of commitments but it was quickly squashe by a “Eh, what the hell. Let’s give this a try!”. The rest became history. 🙂

      • I am so glad you didn’t turn him down. We had a sort of fixed group like that in EQ1 (yes, most of my analogies are based in EQ1.. I can’t help it) and it was wonderful. We got to learn each other’s strengths and weaknesses and really progress. And having a solid core made it easier to get other people to come along, and then having the rest of the current bunch to call on as we met them made it all the better. 🙂
        And it’s so nice to have a group that you can count on not to panic in a bad situation, or throw a fit if things don’t go well *cough*Cella*cough*. Or at least to panic and throw fits internally instead of out loud!

        • I am glad as well. It worked much better than I ever expected. And as I said many times before, if it weren’t for you guys and gals I would not be playing Everquest 2 now. I am pretty sure I would have left for good after a year or less after I started playing.

          True. We have a good group that is willing to give things a try and will keep their cool under hard situations. And when we do get  frustrated we just say as much and leave it to the site, to give it a try another day. Can’t really get any better than that. 🙂

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