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Rakuno cryingPost #8 for Blaugust 2019

Blaugust is at its mid-point and I only have a couple more ideas for posts. This being one of them and the other is a post I am not entirely sure how I want to go with it and need some time to think. So don’t be surprised if you soon see me using topic ideas from last year’s Blaugust pretty soon and often. XD

Anyway, this isn’t any kind of advice about blog names or internet aliases but rather some personal thoughts that have been at the back of my mind for a while. Apologies to anyone who came here thinking expecting advice!

Also, if I go ahead with any of these things I am thinking of it won’t be before the end of Blaugust just to not cause any unintended chaos in the middle of the event.

The blog’s name

Back when I created this blog I wanted something that was generic enough but also felt game related. After some thinking I came up with the name “Shards of Imagination.” My problem with it however is that the name always felt a little pompous to me. I just don’t consider that imaginative, much to my dismay.

The other problem is it feels too abstract to the point where to this day I just can’t figure out a good logo for it, even less a favicon that would fit.

Recently I just started to consider hard about changing the name of the blog. The main problem is coming up with a good name. It also comes up with a few other questions which I am not sure how I want to answer just yet. Should I also do a full relaunch with it? Should I keep just my favorite posts? Or should I just change the name and continue with business as usual?

If I went ahead with this I’d most likely pick option 2. There is a lot of posts I am just not happy with and wouldn’t mind to see it disappear. On the other hand everything here, good or bad, is part of my gaming (and a bit of non-gaming) history. So maybe just a name change could be a better alternative.

For now this is just a thought that has been going on and on in my head. Knowing me I might just continue as is because this is the kind of change that is a bit of pain to do.

The origin of the name Rakuno and why I might change it

Back in 2007, when I first started to play Everquest 2, I knew immediately I wanted to make a ratonga. At the time ratongas were an evil-only race and the justification for that is that they were quite egoistical and just generally not the trustworthy types.

They also brought to my mind the idea of thieves and sneaking around and I wanted a name that reflected that, even though I planned to play a Monk, which used to be a good-only class.

As I kept thinking about names a word came to me, “Gatuno”, a portuguese word that in English means “Burglar”. It isn’t a commonly used word here and I think I only learned it because of a reformed villain from Spider-Man whose name translated as that when they adapted the comics here.

Anyway, I played with that word in my head, changing letters here and there until I came up with the name “Rakuno”. It sounded good enough for me and I played that character for many years.

When I went to play other MMORPGs I just felt lazy and decided to use that name with any character that I felt fit it enough: usually short and furry, preferably a monk or engineer if the game had those classes. Although there have been exceptions like his current incarnation in Final Fantasy XIV.

The Everquest 2 Rakuno

When it came time to create this blog once again it felt natural to use this name. It was one my friends already knew me by and it was one I liked.

It wasn’t until I got to Twitter that I found that “Rakuno” could also be the initials of a Japanese name. At the time I thought it wasn’t a big deal. The internet is a big place and surely there is enough space for two Rakunos.

I kept happily using the name for years on Twitter without any issue. Then I decided to use the name in other places too, like for the Playstation Network or Twitch, and found out the name was already taken. At this point I started to get annoyed.

Then recently another person that also uses the name Rakuno started to follow me on Twitter. Apparently they also came up with the name because of the Japanese initials.

At first I didn’t feel like changing my name and told them so. But after a while I just got so annoyed with this whole issue that I really want to a new name that I can use in the internet and games. The only problem is coming up with a new one.

I already have trouble coming up with names for my characters and to make it worse this is a name for general purpose use. This means it needs to be unique enough to avoid the above situations and sound good enough that I can live with it for years without being annoyed every time someone else calls me by it.

It almost feels like an impossible mission for me at this point but it is one that I really want to change. I am almost tempted to use the random name generator in Final Fantasy XIV character creation to do it but then I am afraid I will just run into this same situation again. :p

In any case, these are the things that have been going through my mind and I will mull over until at least the end of this month. If I do follow-up with any of these changes I will let you folks know so nobody is taken by surprise.

7 thoughts on “Of blog names and internet aliases”

  1. I know exactly what you are going through! Sounds like you might have outgrown Rakuno. I have felt the same way about Mama Druid several times. But when looking at other accounts I’ve been following for 10+ years, many haven’t changed their name whilst their content has changed along with them over the years. So, I end up keeping Mama Druid.

    If you are just wanting a better name and aren’t looking to rebrand, what about changing the letters around in Rakuno? Here are some ideas:

    Akronu, Arkuno, Aurkon
    Kaunor, Koranu, Kunaro
    Onukra Okranu, Orkaun

    If you’d like inspiration for coming up with a new name, I’m including a guide for Orc/Troll names in my post comment. Rest assured, I’m not assuming you want an Orcish or Trollish name… but some of the resources might be of interest.

    Let me know if you’d like help. I love researching names!

    • Thanks for the suggestions! I am not particularly looking for an orc or troll name but if they sound cool I will take it!

      I will look at your post tomorrow. 🙂

  2. If I’d known I was going to use it forever I would never have come up with “Bhagpuss”. It was a stupid pun I made on the spur of the moment. I was listening to the news on the radio and they did two totally disparate items, one on the war, mentioning Bhagdad and the other about the children’s TV show Bagpuss being voted all-time favorite in some poll.

    I happened to need an online identity right at theat moment and I just jammed the two words together. Now I’m stuck with it. At least I didn’t go with my other pun, which was Bagpus, as in “bag of pus”.

    Can’t imagine changing it now, though. Too much history.

    • Part of me doesn’t want to change because of that too, I met friends who have known me with the name Rakuno for a few years now. I can imagine the pain it would be for them and myself to adjust to a new name.

      It is just that my irritation with this situation got to a point where I am really considering doing it now.

  3. I can feel you, I’ve also thought long and hard about this but the most natural feeling things just came to me, like nicknames do 😛

    There’s also this thing – are you ok with not being a unique snowflake? (Sometimes I am, sometimes I am not) In which context do you use which handle? (I use one, well two, for gaming and one for my other online activities, because the people also don’t overlap).

    That said, I should really switch my Twitter handles around I guess (I have both @Nogamara and @Armagon – still using the latter)

    • In this case it would have to be a unique snowflake since I’d like to be able to use a handle that someone hasn’t beaten to me yet when registering in a new service or making a character in a new MMO.

      Otherwise I wouldn’t really care. The internet is a big place and in the real world people with the same first name are a pretty common thing after all. Heck, even my real name is pretty common which can be kind of annoying at times but something I can live with.

  4. I’ve also been considering changing the name of my blog. It seemed like a good name when I started it but over time I’ve grown to dislike it. I think I would go with your second option if I decided to change it. There are some posts that I’m proud of and others that I wouldn’t miss. At the same time, it’s been the name of my blog for 4 years now and even though I’m not loving it anymore part of me would miss it if I changed it.

    On the subject of aliases changes, I’ve gone through many over the years and it wasn’t until a couple of years ago I found one I wanted to stick with. For many years I went by Rave, sometimes Raved when one was taken. It became increasingly hard to grab either of these so I changed it. So far I’ve had good luck with Kluwes. The only time it’s taken is when I try to sign up for a game I forgot I had played at one point.

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