Participating in The 30 Days of ARPil!

Rakuno pondering

Recently I found about an event that is going to happen through April, called The 30 Days of ARPil. It was created by Pizza Maid of the blog. The basic idea of the event is that during April we’ll answer a question, one per day, of a character we created for a video-game. It can be any game of your choice, be it a MMO or a single-player game.  If you want to participate too you can find more information about the event here and the 30 questions here.

Myself, I shall be writing about Rakuno, my ratonga monk in Everquest 2. I will put an [ARPil] tag on the beginning of every post for this event so if you don’t like it you can safely skip it. I will also see about putting a special blogroll for participants of the event during the month of April on the sidebar to the right so people can check what others have been writing too. 🙂

Hm. I have the impression there was something more that I wanted to say about this event but I forgot… If I remember it I will edit this post later!

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    • He is not that mysterious but yes, I should have written his background and put it somewhere a long time ago. On the other hand this event made me rethink about it and come up with a version I am much happier about. 🙂

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