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I wanted to make this announcement earlier but I also didn’t want to just make a post about this and then have another two weeks of silence. But since the “Prep Week” for Blaugust Reborn is starting I figured I might as well do it now.

As the title says, I am participating on Blaugust this year. Or rather, Blaugust Reborn as it’s been called.

If you never heard of it before the original Blaugust was a challenge, created by Belghast of the Tales of Aggronaut blog, to bloggers to write every day during the month of August. I guess the intention was to help them get into the habit of regularly posting. It was an event I was always tempting to participated in but never did because I know I’d fail spectacularly.

This year though it changed the format, hence the Reborn part. The main idea is still to challenge people to write a certain number of posts during the month of August but there are several tiers to aim for. Myself, I am going for the low-hanging fruit of 5 posts during August whichΒ  seems feasible for me. I admit I have absolutely no clue of what I will write about and I am already starting to panic a bit. So, uh… wish me luck, I guess? XD

The other change this year is it is adopting some of the ideas of the defunct Newbie Blogger Initiative. That was an event that had the goal to help people start out their blogs and just connect the community together. I participated it in previous years but much to my shame didn’t contribute to it as much as I hoped for. Still met some bloggers through it that I still follow to this day. πŸ™‚

If you are thinking about creating your own blog consider this a good opportunity to start as there are people who signed up as Mentors to help out with advice and answering questions. Belghast even setup a Discord channel to make communication easier.

If any of this sounds interesting to you, check out the Blaugust Reborn announcement post and sign up to participate.Β  πŸ™‚

If you aren’t interested in participating yourself but want to read all the blogs that are participating on this event Belghast made a spreadsheet with all the participating blogs. You can find it here.

Alright. That is it for now. I am going back to panicking and trying to figure out what I want to post during August. Good luck to all participants and I hope everyone have fun! πŸ™‚

6 thoughts on “Participating in Blaugust”

  1. Wait what? 5 posts? Reborn? I saw bloggers talk about Blaugust and got sad because I thought about participating and then realized that I really can’t. Not with work and my doctoral thesis. But 5 posts? I’m SO in! – Thanks for writing about this. :p And I’m looking forward to reading more from you again. πŸ™‚

    • Yeah, I started reading about Blaugust this year more out of curiosity than anything else because, like I said, if it were like in the past I know I would fail. Then I read the minimum requirement was 5 posts during the month and went “Oh, I can do that!”. Plus I think there will be some writing prompts too so lack for ideas should not be an issue either. πŸ™‚

      Glad to see you participating too and thank you! πŸ™‚

  2. You got this, Rakuno! And there will be tons of writing prompts as folks get into the swing of things. And, who knows, reading some blogs might give you ideas as well! I’m proud of you for conquering nerves and setting a goal for yourself! <3

    • Thank you! I think I got a few ideas now too. But I need to think if I want to go through with them or not.

      I am also a lot more calm now. I think started to panic a bit when I started to see the number of participating people. Half a dozen people I am fine with. But more than that and I start to get really nervous. XD

      • Can totally appreciate getting overwhelmed by that many people! My advice? Don’t worry about reading posts that don’t feel relevant to you. Sometimes that means you won’t read everyone on every day, and that’s okay. πŸ™‚

        • Oh, yeah. Reading other posts isn’t something I am worried about. I am skipping posts about games I am not interested in.

          What is kicking off my social anxiety is having my content exposed to that many people. Usually I just expect a handful or so of people to check it, even less to read the whole thing.

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