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Last week, Solarayo of Ace Asunder made a post about her Quantic Foundry Gamer Motivation Profile. It is apparently part of one of those tag things that go around in social media. In this one you take the test yourself, post the results, answer some questions about it and tag some other people.

I thought I made a post about it before but looking at my archives it seems I actually made a post about a different test, the BrainHex Test. That post was back in 2011 too! Time sure flies!

Still I am pretty sure I did the Quantic Foundry Gamer Motivation Profile in the past. I guess I only did it for my own amusement and never shared the results anywhere. In any case, let’s do this!

What are the results? Share the link, headline and the two motivation model graphs you received.

My headline and primary stats.

My secondary stats.

Link to my profile

How do you feel about your survey results?

I honestly wouldn’t use any of those words to describe myself! Well, deeply immersed probably since I do like to immerse myself in a game. But everything else, definitely not!

Which category is the most and which one is the least accurate?

I do tend to enjoy a well-crafted world with rich lore and interesting characters. So the Fantasy/Story part is on-point. Every other score feels about right, I guess, with the exception of creativity. I guess I scored low on it because the questions they made were more about character and city customization. Those are honestly things I don’t care as deeply about as other people do.

When I think about creativity what comes to my mind is more stuff like house decoration in MMOs or building other kind of personal spaces like in Animal Crossing: Horizons. Something small, personal and that allows me to express my creativity. None of the questions however reflected that and I am not sure if it is because my tastes are too niche or because the people who made these surveys haven’t caught up yet with the idea that this is also a way of enjoying a game.

Destruction may also be a bit too high. At least I don’t consider myself that much of a force of chaos. :p

Are there any major exceptions to your typical gaming motivations?

I guess there isn’t? I am not sure how to answer this question to be perfectly honest.

Do any of these motivations carry over to your non-gaming life? If so, how?

Not really, no. Unless you consider my love for books and how I daydream characters for tabletop RPG games.

I do admit though I’d like to be able to build/decorate my house like I do in games. Unfortunately in real life doing so is a lot more expensive, doesn’t have an undo button nor convenient out of sight magical storage for all the pieces that didn’t work out. :p

Which games in your experience best satisfy your gaming motivations and how do they compare to the “suggested games” list from the questionnaire’s follow up page?

Pretty much any JRPGs. Of all the ones I remember playing, there were a few I didn’t enjoy but it was usually because I wasn’t much a fan of the premise but I wouldn’t even say it was necessarily wrong, just not for my tastes.

For some reason though it didn’t show any game recommendations for me. I don’t know what happened and I am afraid if I take the survey again the answers and results would end up different. Sorry~


I also won’t be tagging anyone in specific but if you want to take the survey yourself and get a quick post out of it, then consider yourself tagged! Here is the link again for the survey, just for your convenience.

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