Quick and dirty technical notes

Since I don’t want this polluting any other posts (they are coming, I swear!), here are a few things I changed under  the hood but might affect people. I changed my anti-spam module since the previous one (Mollom) was refusing to learn that certain commenters were real people and their comments should not be held for moderation. I deeply apologize for all the trouble that caused. The one I am testing now is one that allows me the choice of using the Akismet anti-spam service, that was one that was built-in with WordPress.com and never give me trouble there. Hopefully it won’t give me trouble here either. If it gives anyone, any problem whatsoever in commenting please use the “Contact” link up top to warn me about it and I will try to fix it ASAP.

In conjunction with it I am using a module that makes it so that it checks for javascript to show the comment form. The rationale behind this is that spambots don’t use javascript therefore they will never see the comment form to begin with. So if you see something about a javascript error instead of the usual comment form that is why. Just enable Javascript on your browser or allow it for this site if you have a plugin for that and it should be fine. Again, if there is any problem just use the contact form above. Although I’ve been using it for a few weeks and nobody seemed to have noticed it… :p

The “Let’s Play” of Icewind Dale will resume as soon as possible. By soon, I mean as soon as I can get away from Everquest 2 to actually post something. Dang you Everquest 2! Why did your housing system had to be so good?

Anyway, I am a bit ahead of where I stopped my last post on it so it is not like there is a lack of material to write about. It is just that my return to Everquest 2 was unplanned and triggered all my addiction for decoration again. My excuse for not having posted anything for the NBI yet is the same. Although at least that one I should be writing much sooner than “Soon”. I also need to do some serious catch-up on it! Yikes!

UPDATE: Seems like the antispam module was giving an error when people tried to comment on here. Sorry for the problem and for now that module is disabled. I will check to see if I can figure out the problem, if not back to Mollom it is. Hopefully people won’t have any trouble commenting while I figure this one out.

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