Rakuno’s Qeynos Manor 1st Version

After just working with inn rooms I really wanted to work on one of the bigger houses. Since Rakuno as my favorite character as well as my carpenter it just felt natural for him to be the first to get a 5 room house. Thus he moved from his small house in Netleville to South Qeynos.

This house was a mixed bag. There were some parts that I knew right from the beginning what I wanted to do with it while other areas I just didn’t have any idea or found the ideas I had not working as well as I expected. The theme of the house was to be a sort of monk evolution thing. The lower parts of the house would serve as the living areas as well as being more rough. Then as the floors went going up, closer to heaven, things would get less crude, more peaceful and closer to the divine. Well, that was the basic idea. It didn’t go as well as I hoped for but it was a fun house to work in anyway. πŸ™‚

Now to begin with, we can see that Rakuno just setup himself a nice carpentry shop in the entrance of the house.

Carpentry Shop

Carpentry Shop 2

Carpentry Shop 3

Being the money conscious ratonga he was (gotta pay for the booze somehow!) Rakuno kept a ledger with all his transactions on it. He also kept a board nearby with all the orders he had for his work.


In the back room he had some boxes with products ready to send for clients. The intention was to use crates. But since we didn’t have it at the time and I couldn’t figure a good way to fake them I tried to use the next best thing… which didn’t turn out so well. Not so much because of the furniture but because of the way I implemented it. Making it into a sort of storage room with the boxes on shelves or something like that would probably have worked far better. Oh, well, one of thoseΒ  things we just think about in hindsight!

Ze boxes!

A little further from the boxes, Rakuno setup himself a nice little training area

Training area

Going to the basement, we end up coming to a gambling area. Rakuno wasn’t so much of a gambler but he liked to play some poker with friends.

I think I got the idea for it from another decorator in the forums. But I don’t remember exactly who since it has been so dang long and I don’t think the original thread exists anymore to check it. Again, sorry to the original decorator since I can’t give the proper credit. πŸ™

Imagine a picture of ratongas playing poker here

Of course, a good game poker wouldn’t be complete without some drinks. So Rakuno has a small bar nearby:

A small bar

And of course, with so much drinking going on it is best to have a bathroom nearby. For those obsessive people who want to keep studying even when they are in their… uh… downtime, Rakuno filled the bathroom with some books.

The toilet itself was an idea I got from Sapphirus’ (I think that was her name) decorations.


Bathroom 2

The kitchen, pretty simple and practical. Nothing fancy since Rakuno is a terrible cook anyway so anything fancier would be wasted on him.

Kitchen area

Kitchen and dinner area 2

After the kitchen we come to the living room where Rakuno relaxed after a long day of work.

A note about the snow globes: it was a gift from my guild leader of the time. When she heard I didn’t had any because by the time I started playing they weren’t given anymore, she gifted this set to me. Because of that I wanted to display them in a place easy to see. πŸ™‚

Living area

Ze snow globes!

Finally we come to the bedroom. Nothing too fancy as Rakuno was trying to live somewhat like a monk. The book on the table is where he would make annotations about any tinkering ideas he had.


He did have his own bathroom though. With a tinkered bath tube where he could control the water’s temperature.


Bath Tube

Going back upstairs, to the second floor, we first get to the treasure room. It is here where Rakuno stores all the stuff he collected throughout his adventures. In typical Rakuno fashion he also tinkered a system to open and close the vault!

Treasure Room

Treasure Room 2

Treasure Room 3

Just outside the treasure room is a small shrine to Brell. All made out of stone as one would expect to the god of the undergrowth. Some treasures blessed by Brell are there as well. And of course, some booze to be sacrificed in Brell’s name too. πŸ™‚

Shrine to Brell

In the attic, Rakuno built himself a small meditation garden. He may not be a proper monk but he tries to become one through meditation.

Meditation Garden

Before the house tour ends though, there is still the secret room… Which became Mirthday’s bedroom. Mirthday was Rakuno’s buryai room mate.

Why there is a sarnak skull hanging on Mirthday’s bedroom? I have no idea. I do know though that it is never a good idea to try getting one of his cookies!

Mirthday's Bedroom

Don't touch the cookies!

Oh, for historical purposes, apparently after I finished the house I decided to change the training area and take away all the boxes. In its place I built a weapon display. The original intention was to put the displays inside the vault but since I couldn’t put them in there in any satisfactory away I left them out. That is where the motivation to make the weapon display came from, I guess.

I have no idea what I did with the rest of the room though. Since I am pretty sure just the weapons display wouldn’t take much space from that specific room.

Weapon Display

Ok. That is all for this house! Thanks for looking! πŸ˜€

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