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As the steel grip that the Sims 3 had over me for several weeks is finally loosening (it can be a pretty addicting game if you like building and coming up with  weird/funny concepts) I find myself looking at my always growing list of games unfinished and yet to play.

Most of my woes are with single player games. There are so many games there unfinished or that I haven’t even started yet. Just to name a few: Planescape Torment (I have yet to find out how the story of the Nameless One ends!), Skyrim (Got to finish up getting the Thieves Guild back to its former glory, plus a few other things), Terraria (I haven’t yet entered even in the dungeon!), both Torchlight games (Ironically the 2nd is so good that made me enjoy the  first one for what it is too!), The Witcher and a lot more. The games I have yet to start playing aren’t much better but at least I started to trim a bit on that one with Edna & Harvey: The Breakout, an excellent adventure game. The good thing about adventure games is that it is easy to play them in bite-sized sessions and they don’t  take too long to finish. Plus once you are finished with it you are pretty much done. There isn’t much incentive to replay again until nostalgia hits you and you really need to revisit the game.

In the MMORPG side things are more complicated. You see, to me the fun with a MMORPG is dependent on two factors: the game itself and the people I play it  with. If one of the two is lacking I quickly lose my desire to play it. Usually what happens is that the first one will become the problem for me. The game just loses its magic, becoming dull and uninteresting. Then I just keep playing because of the people I met there and eventually even that isn’t enough to compensate for the game’s faults.

For the first time I am finding myself in a different situation. I love Guild Wars 2 gameplay and there is a lot I’d like to do there yet. But the social part is lacking. Not due to any fault of the community, just to be clear. But rather about things more personal and complex than that. I haven’t decided yet what to do about it yet and it is a complicated matter so I will just say that is a problem on my end and it is the reason I haven’t played the game in a while.

There are other MMORPGs I’d have always wanted to actually sink my teeth on then but always ended up just flirting with: Lord of the Rings Online, Star Trek Online, Fallen Earth and RIFT (this last one just to check the housing system in more detail). But again the social part becomes a problem as I’d rather not hunt for a guild in any of those unless I feel like I will be in the game for a few years at least. I don’t mind soloing in any of them, in fact I prefer soloing in all games I play, but it is always nice to have the camaradire of fellow players and know there are people you can rely on if you need to.
And as for the next MMOs in the horizon… None of them really interests me. Maybe with the exception of Everquest Next which a couple of good friends are interested in, so that is enough for me to at least keep an eye on it and perhaps even give it a try eventually.

Then there is this blog. I don’t like to leave it without an update for too long. Don’t ask me why. I just don’t. At the same time I don’t want to force myself into a schedule either as this is something purely for fun and to scratch my occasional itch to write and communicate. So a schedule wouldn’t be much of a solution to this conundrum.

So those are some of the things that have been on my mind lately. I have been thinking about what is the best way to deal with it. I am not sure if I should just vary more the number of games I play at the same time, giving perhaps an hour or two for each, every night or perhaps just one full night to each. That can work unless I get into an addicting game that just makes my heart burn with passion. It happens way too often some times.

Another solution could be to write “Let’s Play” about some of them. This would also solve my blogging conundrums to an extent. I wouldn’t change the focus* of the blog to “Let’s Play”, just be something to spice things up a bit. Only problem with it is that to me a good “Let’s Play” provide interest insights and commentaries about the game for those who never played it and try to show something interesting to those who already played it. That is a high bar I am not sure I can achieve plus it would require a game that I played at least once and I am going through one of my second or third playthroughs.

Of course, I could also do it from the angle of someone who is completely new to the games too, which can also be pretty interesting. Although I would do that more if I felt like trolling the more experienced players with my noobiness and for laughs.

Hmmm… That is it for now, I suppose. We’ll see how things go.


* The focus of this blog is just gaming in general and anything else I can get away with!

8 thoughts on “Random musings”

  1. I for one would read anything you wrote. Particularly about games that I will probably never play, jsut because I have enormous intentions to play games but then end up in Candy Crush every day… Even if it’s something you only played once or are currently playing, I can live vicariously through you. 🙂

  2. “I don’t like to leave it [this blog] without an update for too long.” Well, that makes two of us! I like reading this blog regardless of what stuff you’re writing about, even though I’m not so epic at commenting as you on everything. So yes, more of ‘whatever’ please! 😀

    And don’t worry, if you don’t feel like socially playing an MMO, then just play something else. It’s not like you’re obligated anything to us (that’s probably pretty crap English, but I didn’t know how to say it properly). Btw, I totally loved your Sims stories.

    And I can really relate to your distaste of schedules, those totally don’t work for me either. Blogging then changes into something that ‘needs to be done’, not something that you do for fun.

    Really no new games of interest for you? Am I the only one who’s even remotely interested in TESO then? *sighs*.

    Either way, I’m hoping for more ‘posts about whatever’ soon! 🙂

    • Aw. Thanks. 🙂

      Although I would disagree about the comment part!

      Anyway, I know, I am not obligated at playing MMOs and I definitely take breaks to go play something else when I am more in an isolationist mood. The thing is that there are some MMOs I want to play now but I find myself without much motivation to do so now without my friends. It has been hard to find a game that we all enjoy playing lately and feel like sticking around.

      As for the blog itself… The problem is there hasn’t been much things I’ve been feeling like writing lately. Like I said a few times before, MMOs are just easier for me to write about. They have more of an unique, individual experience. Single player games it is harder to talk about in the same way. But I am trying to figure out a way to change that.

      And yeah, none of the new MMOs has been saying anything of interest to me. Even Everquest Next I am only keep an eye on because a couple of friends are looking forward to it and if I can give it a try for free then I might just poke my head on it even if it is just to play with my friends for a bit.

      I think Syl might be interested on TESO too. At least I think she has one eye on it. Or I might be imagining things.

  3. There’s something really weird going on. According to my blogroll, you posted another post called “Random musings” as well about 11 hours ago. When I follow the link I end up here, though, and there’s no new post to see. :O

    • That is weird indeed. I didn’t do any editing on that post. The closest thing I did was work on some posts that I *may* be posting soon and update/add a couple things under the hood. None of that however should trigger an update anywhere.

      I will look around and see if I can discover anything. Sorry for the inconvenience!

      • It’s not an inconvenience, it’s more like the ultimate troll. “Oh look, Rakuno finally posted something again! Let’s check out what it is, :D” *follows link* “Oh, there’s nothing after all… :(” 😛

        But now there’s something new to catch up to, so I shouldn’t complain. ^^

        • Well, that is still something to apologize for!

          Anyway, I gave a look at my side and so far I didn’t find anything that could cause it. Speaking of not finding things I didn’t find a way to whitelist people in the anti-spam module as you probably noticed. I think there was one other option in anti-spam modules for Drupal so I will give a look at that one and might switch it, if that means I only have to approve once legitimate commenters.

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