A rough monk’s home

With my first house my biggest constraint was definitely not being able to craft my own furniture. So I didn’t work on Rakuno’s house until I felt he had enough carpenter levels to craft all the furniture he would need. It was also somewhat of a pride thing: after all, a carpenter who decorated his house with items he didn’t craft himself just didn’t feel right for me. I did allow me a few exceptions though for furniture that came from quest rewards or that were exclusive from NPCs.

For theme I tried to go with a wood and stone feel to it. The wood part I think is pretty obvious, with him being a carpenter and all that. The stone part is both because he was a ratonga (his ancestors supposedly came from somewhere underground) and because he was a follower of Brell (because of the booze! Ok, that and because he also believed in working hard).

It was with this one that I started to make the house looks lived in. I think I got close enough with in this case.

Alright. To begin with, a view from the entrance

Ze entrance!

A simple living area. It also doubled as the sleeping place for Mirthday, Rakuno’s burynai room mate.

Mirthday chilling by the fireplace

Nearby we had the kitchen. Or something close to that. Also, I have no idea what is cooking on that pot… Obviously cooking was not a strong point of Rakuno.

Kitchen or something close to it


Just a simple dinner area for Rakuno and Mirthday.

A simple dinner table with two mugs

Rakuno was also a self-taught tinkerer. On here it seems he was working on a clockwork.

Clockworks ahoy!

Just on the other side of the tinkering table was the altar to Brell. As you can see there is a bottle of booze on the altar. It was sacrificed to Brell so Rakuno would never have to go thirsty. Or sober. He was never sure what the difference was.

Altar to Brell

Next to the altar was the bathroom. It had some tinkered amenities invented by Rakuno himself, including a… toilet. Although it might not have worked as well as expected since it was never seem in any other house….

View from the bathroom entrance

Tinkered shower and sink

Ze Toilet of Doom!

Lastly, but not least important, we have the sleeping area. Being the rough type Rakuno slept just on a bear rug. It also had a convenient board to pin any idea for a new tinkering invention. Also some shelving to hold his stuff.

This idea I got from… Sapphirus, I think was her name, a great decorator at the forums.

Bear rug rawr!

Thanks for looking! 🙂

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