[The Sims 3] The beginning of a dynasty

So it begins my attempt at building a Immortal Dynasty in the Sims 3. Besides being a way to play the game while waiting for my usual mods to update for the latest patch/expansion, this also serves as a way to experiment with some things that I would either not do with my main household or that it would probably be done very far down the line. It is also a pretty good way to understand better the mechanics of the game as it requires a lot of planning ahead instead of just playing it by the ear as I usually do. 🙂

Alright, now to meet the founder of this Dynasty…

The future queen of an empire!

This is Samantha Fisher. Guess what will be her job and SuperMax skill? 🙂

Her traits are:

  • Angler
  • Green Thumb
  • Loves the Outdoors
  • Eco-Friendly
  • Cat Person

Her Lifetime Wish is Presenting the Perfect Private Aquarium.

Eco-Friendly and Cat person aren’t the most practical traits for this challenge but I thought it would add interesting characterization to her. The Lifetime Wish doesn’t help either, it is just another thing to flesh out the character as well as to experiment with new things.

The homeworld chosen is Appaloosa Plains, a world I only tried before on my short lived attempt at this challenge. Samantha will be living on this luxurious place:

New house!

Well, ok,  there is no luxury there at all. But it is what I could afford given the constraints of the challenge! It will be a mansion one day!

With the plot of land for the dynasty secured it was time to get some working skills. First off Samantha went to a class about fishing to get those the first skill point on it. After that she spent her time on the library reading the Gardening volume 1 skill book. She stayed there until she got the 3 skill points for Gardening that she could get.

Studying in the library

After all that studying it was time to get those skills to some good use. Just fishing for now since I will need to get some money to build a proper fence for the garden. Otherwise the zombies will eat the plants during the full moon.


… not the best of starts at fishing but she got one skill level at least.

The next day it was time to take care of a few things. First was to register as a self-employed Fisher since it was something I forgot to do. I also decided to look for other fishing spots just to see if I could get better/more varied fishes. It didn’t get much better since her fishing skills is still pretty low and the only bait I am using right now is apple which she can just magically create. The fishes aren’t selling for much right now either, just enough to earn her a job promotion.

Oh, in case anyone is wondering what she is doing to take care of her bladder and hygiene needs, she is just using the Fire Station facilities. 🙂


Samantha just thinks of it as a return from paying her bills.

With all the basic setup in place it was time to start thinking about love! Or at least someone who could provide a baby and all other starting needs for the dynasty. That will be covered in the next post!

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