[The Sims 3] Looking for love (or similar fac-simile)

Having taking care of most of the basic needs to found her new dynasty, Samantha just needed one more item to ensure that was an actual dynasty. She had to find a slave lucky guy willing to be the co-founder of the Fisher Dynasty. His job will be to paint portraits of Samantha (maybe even some sculpture or photography) as she ages as well as becoming a chef to cook the ambrosia. Of course, he also needs to help generate the baby. In return he gets… uh… his name immortalized as the guy who helped Samantha start everything and a place in the family’s future crypt.

Looking through the list of candidates leaves only two good potentials: Kenji Midden and Benjamin Schmidt. The other possible candidates are all of the wrong age, already taken, have bad traits or complicated personal histories with other locals. I decided that Benjamin would be the victim lucky guy to be part of this venture. So as soon as the opportunity appeared, off went Samantha to pay him a visit, at the earliest hours in the morning:

Nice to meet you. Do you want to marry me and start a dynasty for the ages?

And so it begins the Sims mating ritual, which consists of trying all romance options, making sure new ones are used as soon as they appear until the propose marriage option is available. Unfortunately it was a pretty short session of that since Benjamin had to go to work. That is ok, Samantha had to do some more fishing too. She went to a nearby lake to fish, getting another couple skill levels raising it to a mighty… 4. Baby steps!

As soon as Benjamin returned home she immediately dropped everything she was doing to go pay him another visit. Nope, that is not creepy or stalkery at all!

Another round of Sims mating ritual and Samantha finally gets a first kiss with Benjamin! The poor guy also had a bit of a bladder accident while all this was going on…

Not the best scenario for a first kiss but results are what counts here!

Unfortunately Samantha wasn’t able to score a Whoohoo too. It makes her wonder about the truth of all those stories about Benjamin being popular with the ladies by helping them fixing their “broken appliances”. Maybe it was just something he made up to enrich his own prowess in the bed?

In any case, Samantha was able to at least convince him to let her stay for a sleep over. That must count for something right? I mean, they are even sharing the same bed…

Maybe in her dreams they are whoohooing?

Now, confession time. After they woke up prematurely for some reason (I think the dog walked into the bedroom and woke them up, not sure), I did try another round of Sims mating ritual. That didn’t work out for a series of a reason, with Benjamin rejecting the marriage proposal and both having a lot of their need bars at pretty low levels. I got so annoyed that I end up quitting without saving. If we are very strict in following the rules of the challenge this should terminate things right there. I decided to let it slide though on the grounds of never doing it again. The only exception will be for a game breaking bug. Which is pretty much what happened once I cooled my head a bit and went back with a new plan.

My last save was shortly before they abruptly woke up. Benjamin just got stuck on the on the bed side table, unable to move and with no possibilities of interacting. I tried quitting and reloading but the problem just kept happening. I decided to try to use Edit Town to move the offending bedside table only to be reminded that I had to evict the household first before being able to edit the house!

Grumping a bit, I just evicted them and put them back. But now thinking about it, using the resetsim cheat would have be a lot simpler. Something to remember next time a bug like that happens.

Bugs out of the way, Samantha went for another attack in seducing Benjamin. This time with a successful marriage proposal!

Sleep can wait. I want to marry you now!

The two decide to do a private wedding right there. It is not like they have much of a choice anyway, Samantha doesn’t have the money for a wedding party.

The funds from Benjamin household plus the money from taxes andΒ  gifts from the marriage, the Fisher household funds goes from $460 to $6960! Not enough to build a simple house just yet but it will allow to make some investments. πŸ™‚

Oh, Benjamin’s dog, Ralston Schmidt, also joined the Fisher household. I couldn’t leave her all alone! Besides she has some nice traits which will probably make her a good companion for Samantha’s fishing expeditions. πŸ™‚

My only worry is that Benjamin is 4 days to becoming an adult. Hopefully that doesn’t mean he will die of old age before he can fulfill his duties (i.e. cook the ambrosia). We’ll see. For now I send him to a painting class, Samantha to the Fireman Station to fill back her need bars and Ralston is left to her own devices. I will also need to think about my next steps as they may be crucial to ensure there will be an actual dynasty.

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