[SV] Back to the farm

With the release of Patch 1.4 for Stardew Valley I figured out it was a good time to go back to the game and check all the new stuff.

Usually I start a whole new save when there is a big update like that, both to reacquaint myself with the game as well as to learn all the new stuff in a more natural manner. Then once I get those goals accomplished I return to my original save. Or at least that used to be my plan. In practice I never end up going back to my original save, I just play the new one until I am satisfied and then move on to a different game.

This time I decide to go straight to my original save which led to some complications.

The first problem I ran into was how rusty I am at playing Stardew Valley. Normally this wouldn’t surprise me with any other game but considering how simple the controls in Stardew Valley are and how the game is so chill this was something I didn’t expect. Activities that I thought took only a short time took way longer than I expected, even with almost all skills at maximum and a horse to travel around. At least on this part I am almost getting used to it again but still could be better at managing my in-game time.

The other big problem is that a lot of the stuff I thought I achieved in this save turns out I didn’t. It was stuff that I did in my other saves (that are also gone) while checking the big updates of the past. None of it are that much of a deal breaker or hard to do, it was just a bit of a shock on how long I hadn’t touched this save. If anyone is curious on how far behind this save is, I hadn’t touched it since the original release of the game. At least I did accomplish all the big goals for the time: fully upgrading the house, restoring the Community Center, getting married and having a child.

A render of my first farm in Autumn, via upload.farm. Yeah, it was a pretty empty place. That is one of my priorities to fix.

With all that in mind my goals have been two-fold: the first has been to get this save caught up in everything that I didn’t do with it yet. Specially the stuff that was released with patch 1.4. I am not much in a rush to do this though. With the game’s chill nature I am more than happy to just putter around, doing a bit here and there and slowly getting things done.

My other major goal is to completely re-do my farm. It was already half-empty anyway when I stopped playing it since back then I couldn’t figure out what to do with all that space. But I also made the “mistake” of looking at other people’s farms at upload.farm which made me want to tear down my whole farm and redo it from scratch because mine sucked. Lucky for me when I picked this save again, it was near the end of Autumn and since in Winter I don’t have any crops to worry about I can rebuild it to my heart’s content. Or that is what I have been trying to do all the weekend. Indecisiveness and lack of creativity FTL!

If and when I get my farm to a point I think it looks decent enough I might make a new post with pictures of it. And even if that doesn’t happen I am at least having fun trying to discover all the new content that has been released with this patch. 🙂

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