Building Blocks Era

In the days of yore, one of the problems of being a decorator is that if you needed something with a simple shape to buil something your only resource was to take a furniture that was similar enough and try to fake it. For example, suppose you wanted something rectangular, with a certain thickness to build walls. Your would have to try seeking an item close enough to that then try to hide the “non-walls” part to make it look like a wall. Like the backs of a painting. Of course this method had severe limitations as there is only so much you could fake with it.

Then they finally add building blocks, simple geometric furniture that are very useful to build. In the beginning there it were only tiles, which made it useful to build new flooring or covering walls. Later on they added cubes, half-cubes, dividers, round tiles and so on. Eventually they even allowed building blocks to have its own item count allowing us to add much more detail and changes to our houses than we could possibly imagine in the past!

[EQ2] Deus Ex Arcana – T2 Evil Hall

This took forever and 3 months to build but it is finally done and now I am free. FREE! FREEEEEEEEEEEE!!! Mwahahahaha-*coff*coff*coff*. Sorry about that. The work on this hall just took a bit of a toll on my mind. :p

Anyway, this is the Deus Ex Arcana guild hall, located in the Antonia Bayle server, Freeport city, Tier 2 guild hall. If you are interested feel free to visit in person. 🙂

Now for some pictures!

First, we come to the entrance. Which isn’t in any way meant to overcompensate anything of the guild members or make the visitor feel diminished. No siree!

A view of the entrance just as the visitor enters

Closer view of the reception desk

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