Solasta: Crown of the Magister Demo

Steam is doing a pretty cool thing right now, the Steam Game Festival. The idea is basically that for a week they will make available demos of a bunch of upcoming games. It is a good way to check out the demos for some games that weren’t in your radar or for games that you are thinking of purchasing and just want to make sure you will like it.

It will be going until June 22 at 10 AM PDT.

Solasta: Crown of the Magister is one of those games that are part of this festival and wasn’t on my radar. In one of the Discord servers I hang at, a friend of mine suggested people to check it out and tell what their thought of the game. If you never heard of it before, like me, Solasta is a western fantasy RPG that uses the 5th edition Dungeons and Dragons rules.

To be honest I’d normally just snub on a game like this, thinking it is just another generic fantasy game, that is just using the D&D name to carry it’s sales. But since it was a request by a friend and I wanted to test the game’s claim of using the D&D ruleset I decided to check it out.

I am glad I did because it is a pretty good damn demo with lots of potential for the full game!

P.S.: I intend to check other demos from the Steam Game Festival and even write about them if possible. However since I have other commitments during the weekend I might not be able to publish the posts before it ends. So I recommend people to check the demos themselves.

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[D&D] Knights of Errant – Part 4

My prediction that this would be the last session for this one-shot turned out to be inaccurate. But that was okay as there was an interesting development and we are close enough to our goal now that we should be able to finish our mission soon!

For those of you who are just finding out this post, you can catch up on everything by reading Part 1, Part 2 and Part 3.

Also, my usual disclaimer: English isn’t my native language and my ability to speak and hear with it is at best about 90%. Therefore there may be some mistakes about what actually happened. If my DM or the other players reading this correct me on anything I will just edit it later and make a note in the next post.

Image credits: The image at the beginning of this post belongs to the Wikimedia Commons, Public Domain

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[D&D] Knights of Errant – Part 3

After what felt like a small detour, albeit an important one, this last session feels more like we went back on track for the main mission. If we are lucky we might even be able to finish it next time as this wasn’t supposed to be more than 3 or 4 sessions.

If you are just getting here and have no idea what I am talking about you can find my post introducing this One-Shot and the first session here and for the second session here.

Just one note before getting into all this. I am going to refer to the artifact as a horn instead of a claw because that is how we were referring to it during the last session. Frankly I am not sure anymore if it is a horn or claw anymore and perhaps I should clear it up with the DM. So if if by next time it is written as a claw again then you know what the answer was. :p

Oh, and my usual warning that English is not my native language. Although I can read and write it well enough, my hearing and listening skills are at best at about 90%. That and I have a really terrible memory. This means there might be mistakes in this post and if that is the case I will point them out in the next one.

Image credits: Wikimedia Commons, Public Domain

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[D&D] Knights of Errant – Part 2

Before this session started I thought it would be a very straightforward affair: we would execute our plan, probably run into some trouble while executing it but otherwise mostly succeed and get closer to our goal. I couldn’t be more wrong about it! A lot of different things happened, including a change of plans!

I am getting ahead of myself though. If you want to see how this all started, who the characters and the setting we are playing in, you can find it all in Part 1 of this series.

Also, let me give the usual disclaimer that English is not my native language and my speaking and hearing skills are at about 90% at best. That and I have a terrible memory so some of the information here may be inaccurate. If the DM or the other players correct anything about it then I will just note it in the next post.

With all that said, this is what happened during the last session…

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[D&D] Knights of Errant – Part 1

Let’s try something different. This post will be about a one-shot adventure that my tabletop D&D group is currently playing. My intention is just to have a record of our group’s adventures somewhere that we can look back again eventually, for whatever reason.

Before we proceed any further let me give a couple of disclaimers: Some of the information may not be 100% accurate since 1) this session was over a week ago plus my memory is terrible and 2) English isn’t my native language and although I can write an read without any issues my ability to speak and hearing is about 90% at best.

If our DM or any of the other players are reading this post and notice any wrong information, please let me know and I will correct it as soon as possible.

Alright, let’s get this started…

Image credits: Wikimedia Commons, Public Domain

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