[EQ2] Deus Ex Arcana – T2 Evil Hall

This took forever and 3 months to build but it is finally done and now I am free. FREE! FREEEEEEEEEEEE!!! Mwahahahaha-*coff*coff*coff*. Sorry about that. The work on this hall just took a bit of a toll on my mind. :p

Anyway, this is the Deus Ex Arcana guild hall, located in the Antonia Bayle server, Freeport city, Tier 2 guild hall. If you are interested feel free to visit in person. 🙂

Now for some pictures!

First, we come to the entrance. Which isn’t in any way meant to overcompensate anything of the guild members or make the visitor feel diminished. No siree!

A view of the entrance just as the visitor enters

Closer view of the reception desk

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[EQ2] Another fruitful weekend

Rakuno grinding writs

This weekend in Everquest 2 it was a double status event for members. Which to me meant a good opportunity to try getting Deus Ex Arcana, my tiny guild there, to level 60. To achieve that I decided a good mix of crafting writs and old raid dungeons were the best way to achieve it. About the crafting writs there isn’t much to talk about, lots of standing around just doing nothing but crafting whatever 6 items the NPC asked for. Efficient but also something that gets boring very fast.

The old raid dungeons however were way more fun. As friends logged in I tried to sweet  talk them to do some of those which they gladly accepted. We did Protector’s Realm, Shard of Hate and Perah’Celsis Abominable Laboratory. That last one was pretty new territory to us and to be completely honest I wasn’t too sure we could finish it. Turns out it wasn’t nearly as bad as I feared. We did have some trouble with a couple of fights (specially the last one!) but as we figured out some strategy for the fights we were able to beat them. As a bonus, Deus Ex Arcana won Perah’Celsis head which is now being nicely displayed in our guild hall. 🙂

We’ll still have to go back there to get that trophy head for Wayfarers, our friends and allies too, some day. But at least now we know we can beat it and what to expect from the fights.

After all that effort we were able to get to guild level 60 at Sunday evening which brought to us the possibility of buying 3 new amenities for the guild hall. We now have a training dummy, which was pretty much the reason I was trying to push to 60,  and a collector’s binder for convenience purposes. The third amenity I am still trying to decide on. I will have to bounce some ideas off with my guild mates to make a final decision.

Big thanks to Gracy and Serryna who helped with all the grind and to all my friends who helped with the raid dungeons. You people are what make this game worth playing! 😀

[EQ2] Deus Ex Arcana hits level 50!

Rakuno planning how to build the T2 hall

Last night my tiny guild, Deus Ex Arcana, just hit level 50! That means we finally got another 3 ammenities and the ability to buy a Tier 2 guild hall. For the ammenities we decided to get a mender, a druid ring NPC and a bell. With those I think we have pretty much all the must have basics, finally.

The T2 guild hall though we are leaving to buy next week. It is just that we group a lot during the weekends and having our current and functional T1 hall around should help a bit with those.

Special thanks for Serryna and Lovintar, not only they have always been a great help with the guild, they also stayed around grinding writs to level the guild despite being tired and stuffed with turkey. 🙂

Now to make plans for our T2!

Deus Ex Arcana T1 Hall

Since guild halls were introduced to Everquest 2 I’ve been wanting to decorate one. I wanted it so much that I decided that the only way I would be able to do it would be by making my own one-man guild and getting a hall. Well, eventually it became a 3-person guild as a couple of friends who were returning to the game asked if they could join my guild. They were also kind enough to help get the guild level and status to buy the hall, despite all my protests against it. I think they regretted that a little though due to my constant changes to the hall while I was trying to decorate it. Although they probably forgave me once it was finished since they still speak to me. 🙂

Anyhoo, the idea for Deus Ex Arcana is that it is a group of evil people who got together for the convenience of sharing resources to advance their own agendas. It is disguised as a sort of “gentleman’s club” as to not attract the attention of the powers in charge since they probably wouldn’t like too much what the guild was doing. This meant that the hall should been elegant, a place that looked like it was built for social gathering and with some secret places here and there. Putting it in practice was very challenging and I had to cut a few ideas due to item count and physical space limitations. Still I love the place. All the effort we put to get it was worth it. I will also be eternally thankful for all the help my friends gave to me in getting that hall, for letting me being egoistical and decorate it all by myself and having tolerating my constant changes to the design.

With all that explained let’s get to the hall, shall we?

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