[EQ2] Kahlef dings 100

Kahlef sitting at the docks of one his houses

Well, that didn’t take long. One of my short term goals for August, getting Kahlef to 100 level warden, has been completed just today. It makes me wonder if they tweaked the XP curve because I remember that before I took my break from the game, getting Rakuno from 98 to 99 felt slow. Now getting those levels felt just right.

What I still have to do with Kahlef is gearing him up. Since I don’t have the right crafters in Crushbone I can’t craft it nor can I buy it off the broker since Kahlef is pretty much broke. That leaves me with depending on the drops from Advanced Solos and nameds in Tranquil Sea and Phantom Sea. So, yeah, it will take some time.

In a random note, I found doing the Zavith’loa advanced solo instances with a healer is pretty hard. All  that because in both instances there is one named fight  that requires a bit of kiting. And since the mercenaries are too dumb for these kind of strategy it made things difficult. I found that the hard way when trying to kill Beastmaster Kau’mua. I tried at least 3 times using a regular tank mercenary, Tink-Tank, but failed miserably. Tried several different strategies, just kiting or with Tink-Tank distracting the Beastmaster’s pet while I fought the Beasmaster himself or with me distracting the pet while Tink-Tank fought the Beastmaster and nothing worked. Then I tried with a DPS mercenary with me “tanking”. That didn’t work out well either. So in a desperate attempt, I tried a cheesy strategy. I decided to try a healer mercenary. An elite one at that. So I went back to Freeport and got myself Kluuron V’Lorn. That not only worked but the Beasmaster went down pretty fast. That mercenary is just that stupidly strong.

The other fight I had a similar trouble was with the Fiery Effigy of Clotl’thoa in Hidden Caldera. For that one I already went in with Kluuron in toll but I still died a couple times until I started to manually tell the mercenary to back off when the Effigy’s buff started to get too high and just tell him to manually attack the mobs I was attacking. It was annoying but at least it worked and now I know I can do both of those dungeons. I also decided to just keep using Kluuron with Kahlef now even if it feels pretty stupid to use a healer mercenary when I am playing a healer. But you can’t argue with results!

So that was my accomplishment in EQ2 for today. Now time to focus in other things in the game!

[EQ2] Another fruitful weekend

Rakuno grinding writs

This weekend in Everquest 2 it was a double status event for members. Which to me meant a good opportunity to try getting Deus Ex Arcana, my tiny guild there, to level 60. To achieve that I decided a good mix of crafting writs and old raid dungeons were the best way to achieve it. About the crafting writs there isn’t much to talk about, lots of standing around just doing nothing but crafting whatever 6 items the NPC asked for. Efficient but also something that gets boring very fast.

The old raid dungeons however were way more fun. As friends logged in I tried to sweet  talk them to do some of those which they gladly accepted. We did Protector’s Realm, Shard of Hate and Perah’Celsis Abominable Laboratory. That last one was pretty new territory to us and to be completely honest I wasn’t too sure we could finish it. Turns out it wasn’t nearly as bad as I feared. We did have some trouble with a couple of fights (specially the last one!) but as we figured out some strategy for the fights we were able to beat them. As a bonus, Deus Ex Arcana won Perah’Celsis head which is now being nicely displayed in our guild hall. 🙂

We’ll still have to go back there to get that trophy head for Wayfarers, our friends and allies too, some day. But at least now we know we can beat it and what to expect from the fights.

After all that effort we were able to get to guild level 60 at Sunday evening which brought to us the possibility of buying 3 new amenities for the guild hall. We now have a training dummy, which was pretty much the reason I was trying to push to 60,  and a collector’s binder for convenience purposes. The third amenity I am still trying to decide on. I will have to bounce some ideas off with my guild mates to make a final decision.

Big thanks to Gracy and Serryna who helped with all the grind and to all my friends who helped with the raid dungeons. You people are what make this game worth playing! 😀

[EQ2] Rakuno dings 95!

Rakuno showing off his muscles (Or trying to)

This weekend I finally got Rakuno to level 95, the current level cap for adventurers in Everquest 2. In fact, this is the reason for the disruption in the blog updates here. On the other hand, my blog posting has always been irregular so I was probably the only one who noticed any disruption.

Anyway, since it’s been over an year since I left EQ2 there was a lot of catching up to do. There were bags that needed upgrading, banks to clean out, tradeskills to level, new gear to buy, quests to do and so on. Even now that he reached level 95 there is still a bunch of things I need to do before I feel ready for the next expansion. He still needs to finish the questline in Cobalt Scar, get some heritage quests done and getting his transmuting to at least 400. The last is the more important for me because his bank is full of junk just waiting to be transmuting. I am also running out of bag space in his personal inventory because of that. What can I say? I just hate to throw away items that can be useful for transmuting!

His house has also been in a mess. When I returned to EQ2 that was the first thing I worked on due to my then very unstable connection. I got it to a very early stage only though as I was getting frustrated trying to implement my ideas and my connection got stable enough to do some adventuring. So that is where I went. I will probably go back to finishing the whole thing once the expansion hits and we can get all the new furniture. 🙂

For now, I will just slow down, try to catch up to my blog reading and mix a few other games here and there. 🙂