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Rakuno planning how to build the T2 hall

Last night my tiny guild, Deus Ex Arcana, just hit level 50! That means we finally got another 3 ammenities and the ability to buy a Tier 2 guild hall. For the ammenities we decided to get a mender, a druid ring NPC and a bell. With those I think we have pretty much all the must have basics, finally.

The T2 guild hall though we are leaving to buy next week. It is just that we group a lot during the weekends and having our current and functional T1 hall around should help a bit with those.

Special thanks for Serryna and Lovintar, not only they have always been a great help with the guild, they also stayed around grinding writs to level the guild despite being tired and stuffed with turkey. 🙂

Now to make plans for our T2!