[Skyrim] Adventures with mods!

Fus Mod Dah!

Since other people in the blogosphere have been playing Skyrim recently it seemed like it was a good idea of make a page with the mods I use. This way if anyone asks for which mod are good or what mods I use I can just point to it. It should be a lot more practical for both sides. Right now it is pretty raw, pretty much a draft still. I intent to improve on it in time by adding some screenshots/thumbnails/something-like-that and a better table of contents to make navigation easier. Eventually I intent to add pages for other games mods too like Oblivion and Morrowind. The first because I have yet to finish the main storyline on it and the second because Rebecca of a.Girl.IRL has been really tempting me to play it again. I will get to those as soon as I go back to playing them. Whenever that may be. *clears throat* Anyway, for now here is my Skyrim list of mods!

In related news I’ve been playing Dawnguard lately and dabbling in the Creation Kit. So if it seems like I dropped of the internet, has been slower than usual or oblivious to any big news that is why. I am pretty much done with Dawnguard now on the vampire hunter side of things but still need to remake my vampire character to try the vampire side of the story. The vampire however will have to wait until I make her a secret lair with all the amenities I want. And that depends if I can submit the Creation Kit to my will. So far it is winning!

In unrelated news, it seems like I missed the one year anniversary of this blog! It has been created on July 25 of last year. Where did time go?!?

Unfortunately it also means I didn’t prepare anything special to celebrate it. Perhaps next year.

Aaand that should be all for now. Back to the Creation Kit for me!

Of Epitaphs and Scrolls

Over at Massively, Justin “Syp” Olivetti wrote a pretty funny “Perfect 10″ column taking a look at the top 10 epitaphs you can find at one of the Guild Wars 2 cemetery.

I didn’t hang out long enough in the human area during this beta weekend to see that cemetery but this is definitely something to check out during the next beta. 🙂

Still from Massively, come the news that Bethesda confirmed the existence of a Elder Scrolls MMORPG. Apparently it will feature three-faction PvP.

I have mixed feelings about this. One one hand I love the Elder Scrolls series starting from Morrowind. But PvP is not something I like. Although I guess it wouldn’t make sense for a Elder Scrolls games without it. Separating people into factions is something that I am not much a fan of either. The reason for the latter is that I am still bitter about it from my times in World of Warcraft. Back then I wanted to play with any of the Horde Races. But my friends wanted to play alliance…. So guess which side I end up playing on. :p

In any case there is still pretty much no detail besides that. So we’ll have to see how it goes. Hopefully I am already worrying for nothing. I also hope this doesn’t mean they will stop making single player games in the Elder Scrolls universe. It seems pretty unlikely right now but who knows.