Of Epitaphs and Scrolls

Over at Massively, Justin “Syp” Olivetti wrote a pretty funny “Perfect 10″ column taking a look at the top 10 epitaphs you can find at one of the Guild Wars 2 cemetery.

I didn’t hang out long enough in the human area during this beta weekend to see that cemetery but this is definitely something to check out during the next beta. 🙂

Still from Massively, come the news that Bethesda confirmed the existence of a Elder Scrolls MMORPG. Apparently it will feature three-faction PvP.

I have mixed feelings about this. One one hand I love the Elder Scrolls series starting from Morrowind. But PvP is not something I like. Although I guess it wouldn’t make sense for a Elder Scrolls games without it. Separating people into factions is something that I am not much a fan of either. The reason for the latter is that I am still bitter about it from my times in World of Warcraft. Back then I wanted to play with any of the Horde Races. But my friends wanted to play alliance…. So guess which side I end up playing on. :p

In any case there is still pretty much no detail besides that. So we’ll have to see how it goes. Hopefully I am already worrying for nothing. I also hope this doesn’t mean they will stop making single player games in the Elder Scrolls universe. It seems pretty unlikely right now but who knows.