[EQ2] My goals for August 2015 – The results

Casimir doing a hello... supposedly!

You know what they say about the plans of men and mice…. And so it was  for me, with my plans for August being derailed almost to the point where I didn’t get any of the stuff I was planning done. It started simple enough, like all my derailings usually happen, by getting more interested into another game, namely in this case Dark Souls. It was one of those games that makes you forget about all other games and want to play just that one. I just stopped playing because I got to a part I wasn’t figuring out how to get past and got annoyed enough to get some time off it. Then a few days later after that my CPU started overheating when I played pretty much any game. I was able to fix it but it did end up leading to other hardware problems which I didn’t fix yet. But at least I can play games now without my computer getting so hot I could fry eggs on it. :p

There were also a few other things here and there that has left me with a scattered brain but those are the more “note-worthy” ones. So my original intention was to make this a monthly thing, where I’d set some goals to accomplish in Everquest 2 and by the beginning of the next month see what I actually got done and else I intended to do for the new month. But with my current state of mind I really don’t feel like playing Everquest 2. In fact, I don’t feel like playing anything in particular right now. If I do play anything this month I might just putter around in different games. So for the time being this little experiment ends here. I might pick it up again at a another date when I feel more involved with Everquest 2 (or even another MMO).

With all that rambling aside, what did I actually accomplish in the game? More than I actually thought!

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[EQ2] Kahlef dings 100

Kahlef sitting at the docks of one his houses

Well, that didn’t take long. One of my short term goals for August, getting Kahlef to 100 level warden, has been completed just today. It makes me wonder if they tweaked the XP curve because I remember that before I took my break from the game, getting Rakuno from 98 to 99 felt slow. Now getting those levels felt just right.

What I still have to do with Kahlef is gearing him up. Since I don’t have the right crafters in Crushbone I can’t craft it nor can I buy it off the broker since Kahlef is pretty much broke. That leaves me with depending on the drops from Advanced Solos and nameds in Tranquil Sea and Phantom Sea. So, yeah, it will take some time.

In a random note, I found doing the Zavith’loa advanced solo instances with a healer is pretty hard. All  that because in both instances there is one named fight  that requires a bit of kiting. And since the mercenaries are too dumb for these kind of strategy it made things difficult. I found that the hard way when trying to kill Beastmaster Kau’mua. I tried at least 3 times using a regular tank mercenary, Tink-Tank, but failed miserably. Tried several different strategies, just kiting or with Tink-Tank distracting the Beastmaster’s pet while I fought the Beasmaster himself or with me distracting the pet while Tink-Tank fought the Beastmaster and nothing worked. Then I tried with a DPS mercenary with me “tanking”. That didn’t work out well either. So in a desperate attempt, I tried a cheesy strategy. I decided to try a healer mercenary. An elite one at that. So I went back to Freeport and got myself Kluuron V’Lorn. That not only worked but the Beasmaster went down pretty fast. That mercenary is just that stupidly strong.

The other fight I had a similar trouble was with the Fiery Effigy of Clotl’thoa in Hidden Caldera. For that one I already went in with Kluuron in toll but I still died a couple times until I started to manually tell the mercenary to back off when the Effigy’s buff started to get too high and just tell him to manually attack the mobs I was attacking. It was annoying but at least it worked and now I know I can do both of those dungeons. I also decided to just keep using Kluuron with Kahlef now even if it feels pretty stupid to use a healer mercenary when I am playing a healer. But you can’t argue with results!

So that was my accomplishment in EQ2 for today. Now time to focus in other things in the game!

[EQ2] Kahlef hits level 95!

Kahlef and Peglegs ready for action!

Poor, poor Kahlef. Always so neglected. Well, not any more neglected  than any of my other characters, granted. However I think the fact that he was in Crushbone, as opposed to Antonia Bayle which is my usual server, I always felt like he was neglected more. Kinda like my commitment to Crushbone and the friends I made in there was half-hearted. But no more! The lasts double XP weekend finally motivated me enough to get back to leveling him. The result of that is that since last Friday he has reached the current cap of level 95! 😀

That makes him my second adventuring level 95 character (yes, I know I have been slacking) which was a long way coming. There is still a lot of things I have to do though like getting more AAs, finish some zones, do a lot of organization stuff and so on and so forth. At least I can  do all of that without feeling so guilty every time I log on him anymore.

A big thanks to Gracee, my guild leader on Crushbone, for all the help she provided to get Kahlef to 95. Without her aid it would have taken much longer to get here and with a lot more cursing too!

[EQ2] It is not over until it ends

Kahlef sitting on his office

So, if anyone has been wondering why the sudden stop to posts… Well, I blame it on Everquest 2 and my tiny guild on Antonia Bayle getting a Tier 2 guild hall. Which means a new place that required decoration. Anyone who knows me know that once I get into a decoration project I really get into it: all my free time is spent working on it and when I am not working on it I am thinking about it. That is just how much I love decorating in Everquest 2.

Now the problem happened because I thought it was going to be an easy project. I thought I knew exactly all the features I wanted, how everything would look. I thought I would finish it in two weeks tops then I could just go back to my regular posting, even showing off the new shiny hall and make a decoration for Frostfell (that would be equivalent of Christmas in Everquest 2). You would think that after decorating in Everquest 2 for such a long time I would know better than that. Long story short, the hall is yet to be finished. It is at best about 50% done. Even what I did was done with much cursing, whining about the shape of the hall and requiring some good breaks in between to avoid complete burn-out.

The good news though is I think I got almost all the hardest parts done. There are still some parts down the hall that I am trying to figure out how to build. After that it is mostly filling up space, thinking on how to make they look interesting, adding little details here and there and so on. My goal is to try making all that before February so I can also do add some temporary decoration for Erollisi Day (Everquest 2’s version of Valentine’s Day). We’ll see how it goes.

In other news, I finally got Kahlef’s epic and his enervated weapon. Many thanks to Rkulaa, Skarllet and Frep who helped to make this possible. I also decorated Kahlef’s office in the Pirate’s guildhall (it is another guild I am part of and not the one responsible for decorating the hall). Having an office in the guild hall was something that Skarllet, my guild leader in Pirates, allowed us to build. It was also another project that was bugging me since I was having trouble coming with the right materials for it. I am really relieved I finally got it done. The picture above was taken inside it. 🙂

Oh, and special thanks for Skarllet for being so kind, separating a space for all of us to build an office in the hall and being very supportive through it all. 🙂

That is it for now. Hopefully now things will be going back to normal on this blog too!

EDIT: Gracey, my guild leader at Crushbone, posted pictures of the hall in the official forums. All I did was to decorate Kahlef’s office, everything else is her amazing work. You can find it here. If you prefer to visit it in person the hall is on the Crushbone server, Qeynos, Tier 2 under Pirates.

Hallowen in two different worlds

The Pumpkin!

Actually it should have been in three different worlds. However there hasn’t been any news so far of a Halloween event on Fallen Earth. My guess is that they are still with their hands full with the influx of players due to the switch to free to play.

Which two worlds will be covered then? It will be Everquest 2’s Norrath where it is pretty much old hat to me now and Final Fantasy XIV’s Eorzea where not only it is the first time for me but for the game too I think.

Currently they are my main poison as far as MMORPGs go therefore that is the reason I am only making a post about them. And not covering other games which I technically still play… like… Lord of the Rings Online. >_>

Anyway, read on if you are curious to see what was new on this year’s Everquest 2 “Nights of the Dead” or about Final Fantasy XIV’s “All Saint’s Wake”.

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Another step for Kahlef’s crafting career

Kahlef showing off his new shawl and crafting outfit
Kahlef showing off his new shawl and crafting outfit

Today Kahlef finally got both his Earring of Solstice and Blessed Coldain Prayer Shawl. I was going to wait until the next Game Update (which should be arriving tomorrow) to get the rares necessary for them but decided to give do it today instead.

Why I was waiting for the update? Well, there will be a new AA tab that, among other things, will have an AA to increase your chances of getting rares. Since I have very little patience for harvesting that seemed like it would be a good reason to try that new AA and see if it really makes a difference.

However, Gracee, my guild leader on Crushbone, offered to help me with a few rares so I decided to accept it and then pay her back later. She also helped me by crafting some of the stuff I needed for both quests and the rest was made by Jaylah and her awesome army of crafters. To both of them, my deepest thanks. 😀

Now only a few more factions to get then gotta raise his tinkering and he should be self-suficient in all things decoration. 🙂