[LotRO] Lua Plugins and you!

Alright. So this is week 4 of Ambermist’s challenges. This one is a tough one too. She basically asked us to go out, learn something and then make a post about it. Since I am really getting into Lord of the Rings Online now it makes sense to do some research of it. The drawback is…. I am just starting in Lord of the Rings Online which means lots and lots of things too research. Too much to research in  a week or do a single post about it. So I am doing the obvious thing and just narrowing down it to one specific topic: Lua Plugins!

The following is the result of my research. If there is someone more knowledgeable who sees something incorrect, please post about it in the comments and I will fix it.

Lua Plugins? What is that?

If you ever played World of Warcraft you probably heard of AddOns. Might even have an avid user of them. Lua Plugins are the same thing except for Lord of the Rings Online.

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[LotRO] One ring to bind them all…

The One Rjng!

Somehow I can’t think of a better phrase to sum up my recent conundrum with Lord of the Rings Online. What type of conundrum? Well, this might be one of those long stories so you might want to make yourself comfortable, get something to drink, etc.

I’ve been thinking for a little while about giving Lord of the Rings Online another go for some reasons. The first one is since I’ve left Everquest 2, I’ve been having a severe case of decoration withdrawal. So much in fact that even a limited housing system like the one in the LotRO sounds better than any. The second reason is because I’ve been checking some blogs like Lotro Fashion, Landroval Style and Brazokie’s Blog Space and I’ve been pretty much drooling over the outfits. Now, like a former wise clannie in Lineage 2 would say “In real life I don’t care about my appearance but in game I am a metrosexual.” LotRO to me is one of the best games for that kind of… uh… I dunno, philosophy, I guess? Anyway, the thing is the game has a ton of cool looking outfits and a pretty good system to show them off while still wearing your mismatched gear with uber stats. And if I am going to be killing X orcs for their middle toe nails I might as well do it with style damnit!

What finally pushed me to do it was a promotion on GameStop/Impulse that I found out at the Frugal Gamer. It  was the Mithril Edition for 50% off and considering its contents it just seemed one of those bargains that you can’t resist. That discount is already gone but you can still get it for about $20.

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Build Your Own Boss Challenge: Shelotunithu the Undead God

The following is my answer to “Build Your Own Boss” challenge. It was started by AmberMist of “Tastes Like Battle Chicken”.

It isn’t made for any game in specific. Any generic fantasy game will do. It is also meant as a parody of some of the things way too common to fantasy in general. Basically this is what happens when you mix:

1) A developer who can at best write some really atrocious fanfiction with a Mary Sue as the main character.

2) A marketing team trying to tap in the latest fad while simultaneously trying to create a new one (even if it is just like the old one!)

Born from the combined dark forces of those two  is the following monstrosity…

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Guild Wars 2 First Beta Weekend Impressions

Even the charr statues go RAWR!

So this weekend was the first beta weekend for Guild Wars 2. I got a chance to participate on it and to say I liked it would be an understatement. In fact the only thing I think I didn’t like was that the game isn’t released yet! 🙂

This will be a difficult post to write and I am still not sure if I am taking the right approach to it. The reason for this is that Guild Wars 2 does a lot of  things its own ways. Since the game has been widely covered all over the place, with much better explanations on how the game will work, it just feels like I would be parroting them if I tried to explain it here. Another problem is I haven’t been keeping up with Guild Wars 2 news until relatively recently so I don’t feel like I have the proper knowledge to explain some of the systems. The drawback is people who also have not been keeping up with Guild Wars 2 information may feel confused as I ramble on. To those who fall on that category I apologize and if you have any questions, please ask in the comments. I will do my best to answer any questions or at least point in the direction where the information can be found. Also apologies if some parts of it feel inaccurate or missing. I am writing everything from memory and after 2 days and one night playing it, it is hard to remember every detail. Not that I have a good memory even on better circumstances but I digress.

Before I ramble on about it, if anyone wants to get an idea of how beautiful the game is, I highly recommend  the Lion’s Arch – Screenshot Gallery over at Nerdy bookahs and their travel guide. I also recommend their Guild Wars 2 in a Nutshell – a FAQ to get a basic rundown of the game. Actually, I will just recommend reading the blog itself! They have a very nice writing style and the posts usually start some good discussion. 🙂

With all that said, on to my own little report of the beta weekend….

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