[FFXIV] Becoming a monk, crafting and other stuff

I am making my own gang. This random guy is my first recruit just because we are posing the same way.

I was planning to post about something else today but since I’ve been pretty addicted to Final Fantasy XIV that wasn’t possible. So I might as well write what I was planning to Monday now and then figure out something to write that day (spoiler: It will probably be more Final Fantasy XIV. :p)

I a monk!

I wonder if it s a cultural thing...
For someone doing plot exposition Wildargelt is certainly economical when it comes to words

I became Pugilist level 30 this week. Since I already have the (current) required level 15 Lancer class I went ahead and started on the quest to unlock the Monk job. The quest was pretty amusing with some unexpected moments and the two NPCs that were part of it were pretty interesting.

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Returning to Final Fantasy XIV

A long while ago, back when it was announced that version 1.0 of Final Fantasy XIV was going to end so they could relaunch the game with better mechanics, I was totally fine with it. As I said back then the game had a good core but too many systems that were confusing or obtuse to use. Plus during the whole road to the relaunch they were very good at communicating what changes they planned to make, why they were going to make those changes and they also kept channels open for feedback. A lot of it I could completely agree with too. It were changes that the game needed.

Then came the beta for version 2.0, the version where the game was going to be relaunched at as a “Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn”.  Since I played during 1.0 I was automatically allowed to participate in that beta. But I wasn’t able to play more than a few minutes before logging out, heartbroken for what the came turned out to be.

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[Final Fantasy XIV] My Little… Gobbue?!?

Riding in style?!?

After much procrastination I finally got my gobbue mount on Thursday. Yes, that means I’ve been also procrastinating to make this post. >_<

Anyhoo, it was easier than I thought. When the announcement hit that the quest to get it was going away with patch 1.23a I had about a month to get 13 levels on one of my classes to qualify for it (the quest requirement is level 30 in one of your classes. My highest level was 17). My plan was to focus on just my pugilist class since it was my highest one, and a few crafting/gathering classes to support it throughout the levels. That I did in the beginning. Then my fickleness hit me and I went playing Skyrim instead. When I was finally able to break free of Skyrim draconian clutches the month was almost over so I had to change my plans and focus just on the pugilist class.  The crafting/gathering ones would have to wait for later just like the other adventuring classes.That worked better than I expected and I got it relatively fast. The only drawback is that I spent some money on gear upgrades instead of crafting them as I was planning initially. Probably unnecessary since at least until level 30 Final Fantasy XIV doesn’t seem to be too reliant on gear. Still I thought it was better safer than sorry and it did make things easier.

It  was also nice to see a bit more of the main storyline as well as the Grand Companies one. Without going into details, as to not spoil it to anyone, some questions were answered and a few more raised. I also got to choose a generic companion to help out during the main storyline quests. As for the Grand Companies storyline it was interesting to see it is more related to the main storyline than I thought. Basically both deal with the Garland Empire threat although the Grand Companies seems to be worried also about something far more larger and dangerous  than the Garland Empire. Or perhaps the Garland Empire might be related to it. I am not too sure yet.

Oh, if anyone didn’t get the gobbue mount yet there is still time to do it. As of this writing patch 1.23 has been released but the quest isn’t being taken away until patch 1.23a. Do hurry though since patch 1.23a should be arriving at any time now. You can find the instructions to obtain it here.

For those scratching their heads because of the similarities on the nomenclature of those patches, this is how Final Fantasy XIV tags its updates: if it is just numbers then it is a larger content and bug fix update. For example: patch 1.22 . If it is the numbers and a letter than it is small bug fixes and minor content they weren’t able to get in with the numbers-only patch. They are usually introduced shortly after the numbered patch too. For example, 1.22a which was released about two weeks after patch 1.22.

As for me, my only plans with Final Fantasy XIV for now are to level up all the other classes of my character so they are closer to the level of his pugilist class and trying to earn enough grand company marks to get my own chocobo. Although that will probably be probably be put to the wayside for a little. There are other games I want to catch up on too or just play! We’ll see how things go. 🙂

A couple of MMORPG news

Ah, this has been a glorious, glorious day. Why? Well, it is because of the first news which pretty much everybody in the interwebs probably already know by now. Guild Wars 2 official release date has been announced!

The game shall be released at August 28th, with those who pre-ordered being able to start playing a little earlier on August 25th. The last beta weekend was also announced. It will be on July 20-22.

That gives me about two months to get everything I want done in other games because once Guild Wars 2 comes I don’t know if I will be playing much else for a long while. That is assuming it doesn’t get stuck on customs here. By here, I mean Brazil. Usually I wouldn’t worry about that since I just buy digital editions to avoid this kind of headache. But this time I decided to splurge and get the boxed Deluxe Edition of Guild Wars 2 (it has a Rytlock statuette! How could I resist?!?) so that means there is all the hassle of importing things, including waiting for the customs to decide how much they should tax it for. Worst case scenario I will have to wait for 3 months after it arrives in the country. Best case scenario…. I have no idea. /sigh

In other news, this also pretty much old news to all those interested, the quest for the Gobbue mount on Final Fantasy XIV will be taken out by patch 1.23a. Patch 1.23 is expected to be released at the end of July, so 1.23a should follow shortly after. The quest seems to be pretty easy, just need to have a class at level 30 and talk to a guy. Then you get the mount. Granted, it is not a very cool-looking mount. But for collectors there isn’t even any question about getting it or not. 🙂

If you are like me and are scrambling to get to level 30 before the end of July, here are some fan sites that may help:

The Lodestone – This is the official community site for Final Fantasy XIV. Besides official news, it also has an archive of all the patches (handy if you haven’t kept up with all the game system changes), some basic information about how the game systems work and crafting recipes. The forums are also worth checking out. You can find some pretty good advice from the community there. Considering how Final Fantasy XIV does things its own way, those advice can save players a lot of time and headache.

Mooglebox – An excellent fan site for crafters. Everything you need to know about how to craft an item is here. You can also check the stats of the items which makes it handy to plan which ones to craft as you gain levels. It also has a nifty google map of Eorzea where you can check where the location of mobs and their levels. Handy for when you need a specific mob drop to craft something.

Disciples of the Land – As the name implies, it is a fan site dedicated to gatherers. Like Mooglebox they make a good use of google maps to help users. In this case it is for gathering materials.

The Mog Log – A weekly column at Massively about Final Fantasy XIV and Final Fantasy XI.  You can find some pretty good advice there, comments about the latest changes and if you also play Final Fantasy XI you get the same kind of love for it too!

There are probably more good fan sites out there. These are just the ones I found immediately useful. If you know of another good one that is a must-see, please post in the comments. 🙂

My thougths on Final Fantasy XIV patch 1.20

Although Patch 1.20 continues the tradition so far of bringing big changes to current gameplay plus additions, it is probably the easiest so far to digest. It might be due to me being a perma-noobie and most of the changes being things that I can actually experience or doesn’t make me conjecture about how it will turn down the road. In any case, this might be a shorter one than usual.

The usual caveat that my character is still pretty low level so I am limiting my commentary to changes I can actually experience by myself.

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Thoughts about Final Fantasy XIV class reforms preview and Letter from the Producer Live II

Seems like there were a couple of news around Final Fantasy XIV while I wasn’t looking. The first one is a preview about the class revisions that should be coming with patch 1.20. You can find it here.  As usual for these kind of things, anything in that post can change before the actual patch hits the game and people can post feedback about it on the official forums.

The second bit of news is the second “Letter from the Producer Live” which is pretty much ye olde webcast from the developers but with a fancy title. You can find it here. The video itself is in japanese without any subtitles. However there is an english translation in the form of text in the same posting.

Both give some interesting preview of what should be coming to the game in the near and long term. A lot of it made me pretty excited too as there are some cool additions being added and more much-needed changes to the game. I won’t be commenting on every and each item as it would take a gigantic post for it. I will just do so with the ones I found more interesting.

I will most likely do a hand-on post about all these topics as soon as the patches come. For now, my thoughts about what we know so far.

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Yet more thoughts about Final Fantasy XIV post patch 1.9

After playing Final Fantasy XIV for quite a bit I found my initial impressions about patch 1.9 changes to be inaccurate. Fortunately it wasn’t inaccurate in a bad way, quite the contrary. I am finding myself getting more and more hooked into the game.

Before getting into all that though, allow me a side note (which is getting too common in my posts….):

Massively is doing a “Choose My Adventure” series with Final Fantasy XIV. If you don’t what that means, it is like a “Let’s Play” where instead of just reading about a players experiences as he/she plays through the game, the readers can vote on what should the player should do before the next post. So if you are curious how Final Fantasy XIV is from the eyes of a newbie starting on the game now, you can start reading it here.

Well, ok, technically that is not the start, it is already the 3rd post with this particular author. The first one was to choose the game (which turned out to be Final Fantasy XIV) and the second was to choose the gender, race and starting town for the character. The post I linked is him actually starting to play the game. :p

Alright, with that done, back to my own experiences with the game….

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Hallowen in two different worlds

The Pumpkin!

Actually it should have been in three different worlds. However there hasn’t been any news so far of a Halloween event on Fallen Earth. My guess is that they are still with their hands full with the influx of players due to the switch to free to play.

Which two worlds will be covered then? It will be Everquest 2’s Norrath where it is pretty much old hat to me now and Final Fantasy XIV’s Eorzea where not only it is the first time for me but for the game too I think.

Currently they are my main poison as far as MMORPGs go therefore that is the reason I am only making a post about them. And not covering other games which I technically still play… like… Lord of the Rings Online. >_>

Anyway, read on if you are curious to see what was new on this year’s Everquest 2 “Nights of the Dead” or about Final Fantasy XIV’s “All Saint’s Wake”.

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