[Guild Wars 2] Final Beta Weekend: New Kids on the Block


This weekend I wasn’t sure if I should write a post about the final Guild Wars 2 weekend or not. To be honest, I haven’t been really into a writing mood lately. Plus I figured there would be plenty of good coverage about it all around the internet anyway. But then again I already wrote about the other two beta weekends so I might as well do it for this one just for completeness sake.

So,  the most notable additions to this beta weekend were the asura and sylvari as playable races as well as their respective starting areas. There was a good reason for that as ArenaNet explained in this preview for Massively. A large part of the the reason for them only appearing now is because they wanted to get a lot of people in concentrated areas of the world to simulate a launch. Makes sense since if they were added from the beginning people might have spread way too much for them to have a good sense of how many servers they will need for launch. And comparing all the beta weekends, I think it worked out well as everything felt just right.

Anyhoo, let’s take a look at those two races, shall we?

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