If I could only play five games in a year… (2020 version)

Naithin of Time to Loot made a pretty interesting post about a 5 Games Challenge. It is sort of a challenge where he is allowed to play only five games of his choice for a year. If the idea seems curious to you as well then just read his post for all the details.

Initially I thought that if I was in that situation my picks would be pretty easy as there are enough games with good repeatable content that I enjoy and could keep me entertained for a year.

But the more I thought about it the more I realized it was not quite that simple. I have a very fickle mind. What I feel like playing can completely change overnight. Even if I am heavily playing a certain type of game for a week that desire to play it might simply vanish the next day as I feel like playing something different. Extend that for a whole year and I am not sure I could comfortably do it.

Yet for the sake of this mental exercise let me try to pick five games that could last me for a year.

EDIT: This is embarrassing. As Naithin pointed in the comments turns out I already did a post like this last year! With the same title too! XD

Oh, well, for anyone curious on how my list change from the previous year, you can find the post here.

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