[EQ2] Erollisi Marr can be worshipped again!

Grulog worshipping by the altar of Erollisi Marr

Considering the popularity of Erollisi Marr, the goddess of love, I always thought that she taking worshippers again would come with a lot more fanfare. Instead it only came as another announcement in a paltry patch note. Said patch note even announced in their site either!

In any case, Grulog (pictured above), my troll dirge can finally worship his chosen deity (and yes, it isn’t insane at all). It also means I won’t have to build a custom, non-functional altar for Erollisi Day whenever I build Grulog’s house. As for the quest line, I tried to do it but in the middle of the second one the servers crashed and stayed down for a long while. More than I was willing to wait. But going from what I was able to do I imagine it is like all the other deity quests: doing something completely tangential to understand better the deities’ “teachings” and thus getting closer to them. Oh, well. I am just happy Grulog can worship her!

[EQ2] Don’t lose your head!

Rakuno staring at some of the guild hall trophies

This was a pretty good weekend in Everquest 2 for me. Thanks fo the Double XP, I was able to get Grulog, my dirge, from about level 61 to 70 plus a lot more AAs. Leontius, my coercer, went from 48 to 57. I wanted to see if I could get him to level 60 but I was pretty tired by that point and decided to not push further.

We also decided to go hunting for Woushi’s head since… I am not sure the reason, I think our resident beastlords wanted to kill something that wouldn’t die in 2 seconds so their pets could hit it and gain affinity with them? Either way, we were pretty successful at it and Deus Ex Arcana got another trophy to their hall. It is the head on the top right there. Eventually we’ll need to help Brave Legion, our allies and friends, to get one for them. From the 3 guilds (including Deus Ex Arcana) where all our characters and friends are scattered through they are the only ones who does not have it.

And yes, that is a sneak peek of the Deus Ex Arcana guild hall. I will post pictures of the whole place once I am done with it. If anyone is wondering where the rest of the trophies are, they are on the other side of that room, nicely displayed. You will have to wait until I finishย  the rest of the hall and post pictures to see it though. ๐Ÿ™‚

I hope everybody had a great weekend too and have a good Monday!