[EQ2] Guest post about housing at Nerdy Bookahs

Nerdy Bookahs have been doing a series on housing in MMORPGs. They already did one for Lord of the Rings Online, Aion and Rift. Now there is one about housing in Everquest 2 as well, written by yours truly!

If you are interested in housing on MMOs or just never tried and are curious about it then I highly suggest to give all the posts a read. They are pretty good at introducing the different housing systems in each game and may help to decide which one has the best features for you. πŸ™‚

Of course there are other games with housing in there too. Those are the only ones Paeroka had some personal experience with or someone else offered to write a guest post about it. In fact, if someone wants to write a guest post for Nerdy Bookahs about housing in a gameΒ  that hasn’t been covered I am pretty sure Paeroka would be very happy to accept it. Just head over their blog and check their contact page.

Many thanks to Paeroka for allowing me this opportunity and for all her patience throughout this. πŸ™‚