[NBI] Talkback Challenge – Guilds: What for?

Newbie Blogger Initiative

(This is part of the Talkback Challenge for the Newbie Initiative. It is one of the two themes chosen. The other one is “Armchair Game Designer” but I think I will be skipping the second one for now)

I have some social phobia. I say some because it is not enough to make me stop going out of the house or doing stuff I must do. But it is enough to make me avoid parties, if I can, to hate speaking in phones or other voice chatting devices, avoiding dealing with strangers, not liking to eat in public or go shopping for clothes plus a few other things. It makes life very inconvenient and things that are simple to others are harder for me. So what is a person like this doing playing MMOs, one of the most social games out there? Or even caring about guilds?

Well, to answer those questions we need to go through my history in MMOs and, by extension, guilds. It all started, a long time ago, with my love with tabletop RPGs. Since I always had trouble finding groups to play with here MMOs seemed like a good solution to it. I mean, it would be like mixing the best of a tabletop RPG with the graphical parts of CRPG games like Baldur’s Gate! What was not to like?

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